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Cheap Bookmaking Software Business: Practical Selling Techniques

Cheap Bookmaking Software Business: Practical Selling Techniques

Cheap Bookmaking Software Business: Practical Selling Techniques


In order to run a successful cheap bookmaking software business, you need to know how to sell.

But, you must avoid canned sales pitches. Instead, you must rely on proven techniques and helpful tips that can increase the receptivity to your message.


Cheap Bookmaking Software Operation: Top Effective Methods

Here are the most effective methods that can help you become a better salesman.

With the goal of bringing more business to your sports betting and gaming operation:


Focus on Relationships, Not on Sales

Try to avoid sounding like a salesperson when recruiting clients for your cheap bookmaking software business.

Instead, start by cultivating a friendship with a prospective customer, until you are finally able to sign the person for your pay per head services.

Remember that people are bombarded with sales pitches all day long.

Everywhere you see there is either a billboard with a product, or someone with a pitch about a product or a service.

Since this is the case, people are naturally inclined to be hostile to salespeople.

So, if you really want to sign clients that are going to stay with you long-term, you can start by cultivating friendships with all prospective customers, since day one.

Here are some ideas on how to build good relationships with prospective and current customers of your price per head bookie operation:

  • Create a client relationship program within your price per head sportsbook software You will use it to stay in touch with customers without discussing anything related to sales.
  • Arrange development meetings with current, previous and prospective customers, regularly.
  • Always remember to network!


Creating Positive Publicity

Doubtlessly, you should be targeting prospective clients for your cheap bookmaking software business.

But in addition to that, you can also consider becoming a high-profile target by generating as much good publicity as you can.

Not only for you as a top bookmaker and pph poker businessman, but also for your pay per head sportsbook operation.

Here are some of the things you can start with:

  • Creating a blog for your sports betting and gaming business. And one for your community of wagering and pph poker players.
  • Writing articles for professional industry publications on topics of interest to your targeted audience (sportsbook and gambling mainly).
  • Creating and distributing press releases using an only mailing service such as mailchimp. You can do this any time you have to announce something important related to your cheap bookie software company.
  • Getting involved in the communities of which you are a part of. Including where you work and the place where you reside.


100 Calls a Day

This is an hour you take every day, to contact 100 people over the phone. Here is a good method that can help you do it:

  • Prepare your list of 100 contacts.
  • Memorize a clever pitch that is not related to sales. Avoid selling when making these calls. Just establish a contact, and let the individual know you have him or her in mind.
  • Let everyone in your place of work, or at home, know that your empowering hour is about to begin. So, you need to avoid being disturbed during this time.
  • Lock yourself in a comfortable space, and start dialing.


Talk to Decision Makers

A salesperson is often blocked by receptionists or similar staff members.

This is definitely something you want to avoid, as you want to contact the ones that can make things happen for your cheap bookmaking software company: the decision makers.

Remember, if you are talking to someone that can’t take real decisions, you are wasting your time.


Be Yourself

Before a sports betting player or a casino gambler accepts to become part of your price per head bookie portfolio, they have to buy into you.

Being yourself is always the solution. The more genuine you are, the more prospective clients are going to buy into the idea of doing business with your cheap bookmaking software operation.


Focus on Ends, and Let the Means Flow

As a pay per head sportsbook entrepreneur, you always need to keep your eye on your ultimate goal: to make conversions for your sports betting and pph poker business.

Also, remember to always take action towards your end goal (even small steps). Don’t just plan for it.


Categorize your Clients

If you are cheap bookmaking software entrepreneur who is also a very successful salesperson, you may be tempted to  take on too many customers.

Here is a simple categorization formula that may work for you:

VIP Clients: These are the clients that bring you the most profits, but can also be the most demanding. So, make sure to always keep them happy in order to keep them placing wagers and playing games at the casino.

Bring Back: These are the current clients that you need to contact again so they can start getting some wagering or gambling action.

Top Prospects: These are the individuals which you have contacted, and which are almost sure to become clients of your cheap bookmaking software operation.



When you are sure that a current client of your pay per head sportsbook business is satisfied, don’t hesitate to ask the person to refer you to others who may need your price per head bookie services.

Hand out as many business cards as you can. Don’t just give a single card to a client. Instead, hand the person an extra few so the customer can distribute them for you to other prospective clients.

Make sure to work with a referrals program! When a client refers someone and the person becomes a regular customer, make sure to compensate the former properly.


Eye on the Prize

Sometimes you may be tempted to stop pursuing a given client, or business deal.

This, however, can be counterproductive. Remember that you have spent a great deal of time and energy on a prospective client or a deal, just to let it go.

Sometimes you just have to be a little more persistent than usual, and use respectful, ethical tactics that can get you the results that you want for your cheap bookmaking software business.