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Case Study: A Bookie, What is Like To Be One? | Pay per Head


If you are considering starting a career as a pay per head bookie, and are curious about how is like to be one, here we are presenting you with a case study.

This is the story of Alex (fictitious name to protect his identity), a bookie with ten years of experience in the business.


Alex, Not yet a Bookie …


Alex was in college when he had his first experience with sports betting. One of his friends asked him for $50 to place a wager on the upcoming game between their college’s football team against their top rival.

At first Alex said no because he wasn’t at all interested in betting on sports, and he wasn’t planning to support others either.

All that changed really fast after Alex visited the internet and began exploring the sports betting world by himself.

Alex realized about the high potential to make cash by placing bets, and that same afternoon, Alex decided to give his friend not $50, but $100, on the condition that he was the one to pick the actual bet.

Alex thought that he was savvier that his buddy, and although the latter advice not to place the wager Alex had chosen, the money was Alex’s and the action was ultimately taken according to his conditions.

After the game was over, the wager was lost, and the $100 was gone. At this point, Alex realized that there was more to sports betting than simply reading the basics about it, and so he decided to take some time to learn as much as he could.


The Beginnings

After a while, Alex possessed all the knowledge he needed. He started betting on his own, and the results were quite positive.

Alex’s friends noticed how good he was now with numbers and betting on sports in general. For that reason, they all wanted to ask Alex for advice before placing their own bets.

With things like that, Alex saw two choices: either using his newly acquired knowledge to make a profit as a consultant, or to become a bookie and start taking wagering action himself. He decided to go for the second option, and so it began his career as a bookmaker.

Lou the Bookie, Pay per Head Services

According to what Alex had learned, privacy was a big part of being a bookie, and so he took the alias of Lou, and instead of taking wagers from his buddies, he recruited them as agents, and asked them never to reveal his real name to new players.

The next thing bookie Lou did was to get in touch with a price per head company in order to get affordable sportsbook software, call center and internet betting solutions.

Bookie Lou discovered pay per head services during his learning period, and realized that working with a PPH shop was the only way to offer great bet-taking services while still keeping most of the profits on his pocket.

Recruiting Players

With everything in place, Lou and his buddies/agents began recruiting as many players as they could.

They started hitting nearby colleges, and then moved onto visiting sports bars and sports venues.

In a matter of a year, bookie Lou had a good number of clients and things were really starting to happen for him.

The Present

Bookie Lou is now a successful bookie, who continues to add players to his bookmaking portfolio every day, and who is living the life of an unworried, wealthy entrepreneur.

When you ask Lou about the progress of his business, he sums it all up in two words: honesty, and perseverance.