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Bookmaker Pay per Head Services: Selecting Proper Domain Names


Domain names are quite meaningful concerning the SEO (search engine optimization) efforts for your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services site. Here is some information on how to select a name.

Bookmaker Pay per Head Services: Selecting Your Domain Name

Selecting a domain name for your Bookie Services site has two sides to it: you can either decide to pick a name based on brand, or you can also do it based on specific keywords.

A Brand as a Domain Name

If you have a very unique brand name, and you are sure that people will be able to find your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services site, then you can register a domain name based on your own brand.

It actually makes sense to have a brand as a domain name if any of the things below are true:

  • You have a recognizable brand such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike or Under Armour.
  • You are planning to spend part of your budget on advertising in order to promote your brand.
  • You are using your own name or professional alias as your brand.
  • You want your brand name to rank well in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Keywords as your Domain Name

You can also opt for using a domain name that contains keywords that identifies your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services business with your specific industry of interest.

Search engines tend to favor websites that have a domain name that is related to a specific niche because such domains are more focused than those with broader terms that don’t really tell the engines that a site is about a specific subject.

If your name cannot really be recognized as a brand for your new Bookmaker Pay per Head Services website, then your best bet is to go with a keyword-rich domain name.

In fact, if you can pick a URL that goes exactly accordingly to the business you are running such as dallas-local-bookie, for example, you will be greatly benefited when someone searches for the exact keyword related to your domain in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

In this case, if someone is looking for a “dallas local bookie,” and you optimize your site for this particular keyword, which is also your domain, it is likely that your pages are going to be included in local searches, which will indeed facilitate the mission of adding some extra bettors to your wagering portfolio.


Buying a Name from the Owner

It is often the case with nice keyword-focused domain names related to a specific industry that they are acquired by people with the interest of re-selling them for a high price.

There is the chance that your desired domain name might fall into this category, and if that is actually the case, your only choice is to get in touch with the person that owns the domain in order to negotiate a selling price.

If you visit the link for your desired domain name and there is nothing on it, chances are that the owner is really interested in selling it.

On the other hand, if you visit the website and it looks like one that can be considered a thriving site, then you will have to think smart and get as creative as you can in order to search for alternatives to that precise domain name that can also work just fine for your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services site. This is because chances are that the owner is not willing to sell, and if he does agree, he might do it for a high price that might not benefit your budget.