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Bookmaker Pay per Head Services: Creating Custom 404 Error Pages


It is likely that in the past you have come across a site where it reads “File 404: Page Can Not Be Displayed” and although you want to avoid these in your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services website, sometimes you will be forced to use them, especially when you are doing some changes which requires you to take some pages off for an specific reason.

Bookmaker Pay per Head Services: Custom 404 Error Pages

When there is a problem related to displaying a page on your Bookie Services site, you really don’t need to use the generic 404 Error page.

Instead, you can present your visitors with a custom 404 Error Page that can help them  to prevent them from hitting the back button.

Creating custom 404 Error pages is also quite advantageous when it comes to the search engines. This is because if the spiders visit your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services website and they find a bunch of generic 404’s, all of those pages are not going to be re-indexed again, affecting your SEO (search engine optimization) work and time.

Instead, feel free to create custom 404’s that comes with links to other pages on your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services site. When doing this, you are giving the crawlers links to follow, allowing you to keep your current rankings for those pages.


How to Design a 404 Error Page

Here are some good tips to design an effective Custom 404 Error Page:

  • Add a nice design that goes according to that one of your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services site.
  • Include an informative message, where you apologize to your visitors for showing them a 404 Error page. If possible, try to give it a comic tone that is also respectful.
  • Offer links to pages that you consider people visit frequently on your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services website and add good descriptions about where the links are leading visitors to.
  • You should also include a link to your home page. On the description for this link, make sure to add as many significant keyword terms as possible in a well written description. Avoid just writing “Home” in the description of this particular link.
  • Another great link that you can add on your 404 Error Page is one to your sitemap. This is particularly relevant for the spiders because it allows them to follow the map in order to navigate your entire Bookmaker Pay per Head Services site.
  • If you have the budget, then feel free to work along with a good programmer in order to do custom content that is based on the area where the person experienced a problem with a given page.

For instance, if someone is checking some pages that you created about the casino games that you offer players, and they find a 404 Error Page, on that particular one you should include links that directs the visitor to other casino-related relevant pages.

  • Don’t forget to add a visible text box on your custom 404 Error Page in order to allow visitors to actually type in what they are looking for in order to direct them to the exact pages of your Bookmaker Pay per Head Services website.
  • Also, don’t forget to add a Metarobots tag on that newly constructed custom 404 Error Page. This is to allow the search engines to follow the links on those pages but not to index them.
  • You also need to avoid redirecting your 404 Error Pages.
  • Make sure that your 404 Error Pages are able to pass a 404 Error Code in order to prevent the engines to index them. If you forget to do this, these 404’s can appear in the SERPs.