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Bookies: Recognizing the Good from the Bad Ones


Although the bookies that deal with a pay per head services company like BookperHead are known for having a good reputation, there are also shady characters out there that gives the sports betting profession a bad name.

Here is some information on the kinds of bookies you can trust and bet with without a problem, and those you should avoid.


Bookies: Fairness

Let’s start by saying that if you want a fair deal from bookies, you should be fair to them. This means that you should be a responsible player that pays on time when you must do it so you can also demand your earnings when you win.


The Good Bookies

These are the bookies that operate using price per head services and have a positive reputation. This type of bookmakers won’t make threats if you don’t pay; they will simply close your account and avoid doing business with you again.

They also are known for paying on time, no matter the amount of the won bet. They do this because they know that by keeping a good track, they are able to attract more clients, including the big players that bring them the most profits.

Since they work with a pay per head shop, they are able to offer services other bookies can’t, including internet, phone and mobile sports betting.

Working with an offshore pay per head company also ensures these type of bookies that they are operating under the local gambling laws of the country where the PPH shop is located.

This makes data processing transactions completely fine to the eyes of the law, and since these overseas pay per head establishments don’t handle the personal information of players, the latter can feel safe when they place their bets.

Indeed, this last fact makes a pay per head bookie even more competitive than regular sportsbooks, where the customer must submit his personal credit card information before he can place any bets at all.


The Shady Bookies

This is the type of bookies whom will do whatever they can in order to get their money when the player losses, but won’t bother to pay up when one of their customers wins big.

They are going to visit you at work in order to embarrass you and will also show up at your home unannounced, letting everybody present in there know that you owe some sports betting money.

This is certainly something you don’t need!

So, how can you prevent it? Well, you can start by avoiding getting credit from bookies or sub-agents you are not too familiar with.

They will try to hook you up with, let’s say $1000 of online fake money credit so you can start betting on sports right away.

The problem is that if you are a novice bettor and put those $1000 on a team based on sentimental decisions, chances are that you are going to lose, and then, that fake grand turns into an actual $1000 real money debt.

This is when the relationship with this type of bookies goes south: they don’t care about excuses, they only want their cash, and will go as far as threatening you in order to make you pay out of fear.

You also want to avoid those bookies that are working locally from their own wire room, exposing themselves and their players to unnecessary lawful consequences.

These bookies work out of a basement or a small office where their own team of clerks take your bets. This doesn’t sound bad, but if they get raid by the police, suddenly your personal information is going to be compromised as you will be tied to illegal gambling immediately.


As you can see, there are differences between bookies, which make some more of a better option than others. So, make sure that you do some research before you handle your cash to a given agent in order to obtain the best possible experience.