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Bookie Tips: Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid


If your written content is good, chances are that visitors are going to stay on your bookie pay per head website longer.

On the other hand, if your writing is full of mistakes, it is likely that people is going to stop reading your content and won’t return to your site again.


Bookie Tips: Writing Mistakes

Here are some common writing mistakes that you can take into consideration when crafting the content for your bookie Pay per Head Services site in order to add value to your work.


Fragments, Run-Ons, Comma Splice

Fragments: Avoid incomplete sentences which are missing either a verb or a subject.

Example: I need to get pay per head services. Because the PPH shop I’m working with now is too expensive.

Run-Ons: Avoid writing a sentence with more than one subject-verb which doesn’t contain the right punctuation between them.

Comma Splice: Avoid joining two or more complete sentences with a comma. Instead, separate them with a period.


YES: I didn’t know what Sportsbook I wanted. I was too confused to decide.

NO: I didn’t know what sportsbook I wanted, I was too confused to pick one.


Easily Confused Words

There are words that sound the same. But when it comes to writing them, they definitely have a different meaning.

Some examples can be “There”, “Their” and “They’re”. Also “Its” and “It’s”, and “Your” and “You’re.”



1. Use commas before “And”, “Or” and “But.” For example: I am now a price per head bookie, and my life has changed for good.

2. Use a comma after an introductory phrase.

3. You should also use commas when writing two or more coordinate adjectives.

4. Also, don’t forget to use commas when you want to set off phrases without changing its meaning.

5. You should also apply a comma when you want to set off transitional phrases.

6. DO NOT use commas between cumulative adjectives which modify a noun.


YES: Three Big Games are on the board.

NO: Three, Big, Games are on the board.



Here are two important rules concerning the organization of the written content from your bookie pay per head website:

1. Don’t forget to create an outline before you start writing.

2. Don’t forget to check for transitions, topic sentences, introduction and conclusion.


Nouns & Pronouns

When writing content for your bookie price per head services site, avoid using singular nouns with plural pronouns.


YES: Each bookmaking agent has his or her own opinion.

NO: Each bookie has their own opinion.


Inflated Sentences

Avoid saying:

  • In regards to
  • In the event of
  • I am of the opinion that

Instead, you can say:

  • About
  • If
  • I Think

YES: Don’t forget to use an active voice and active verbs. Also, try to scale down wordy phrases.

NO: Avoid a passive voice, eliminate “to be”, and reduce “there are/is.”



You can always use apostrophes in order to replace deleted letters or numbers. For example, “the 90’s”, “you’re” or “can’t.”

You can also use them to make nouns possessive. For example, “the pay per head bookie’s clients” or “the three agents’ office.”


Difference between Speech & Writing

Remember, there is a big difference between speaking, which is informal, and writing, which is more formal.


Spoken: I gotta take bets ’til seven.

Written: I have to run my bookie pay per head business until eight every day.


As you can see, these are common writing mistakes, but it is important to consider them when creating fresh content for your bookie price per head website.

This is because the better your content is, the more trustful you will appear to prospective clients, and the more online conversions you will obtain.