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Bookie Tips: Going Solo? Why Sports Betting is the Way to Go


If you are a person that is looking forward to an entrepreneurial career, then becoming a bookie is probably one of your best options right now, and here are some of the top reasons why.


Bookie Tips: Pay per Head

Running a sports betting operation is relatively easy nowadays, especially because bookmakers now count with the help of pay per head services.

Thanks to the sportsbook sofware and the other solutions provided by a top PPH shop, an agent no longer has to process wagers himself while still keeping everything under his command.

A modern bookie that operates with the help of an offshore pay per head shop is able to provide the same kind of high-quality services than a top online wagering company.

Since this is the case, many players nowadays prefer to deal with a bookie than to get their action with a large sportsbook because they know that they are receiving a more personalized sports betting service.

Working with a qualified pay per head shop also means that the agent is saving a lot of money in overhead costs, and this translates to more profits.

In order to start a price per head bookie career also has few requirements. All that a person really needs is a burning desire to succeed, some knowledge on sports and wagering in general, and some funds to cover general expenses and paying winning bets.


Full Independence

If you want to become an entrepreneur it is probably because you want to be your own boss, and a bookmaking career can certainly provide you with the kind of independence that you are looking for.

This is because when you run a sports betting operation with the help of a price per head shop, you really don’t have to worry for the wager processing side of your business, which means that you can be enjoying life doing the things you like while your players are well taken care of.

When you become a bookie, you can see the people working for the pay per head shop as your own team of employees, with the advantage of not having to incur in considerable expenses as you are not the one paying their salaries directly.


Internet and Call Center Betting

A bookie that uses the third party solutions from a renowned pay per head company is able to offer his players a bookmaking website where they can place their wagers and play casino games without having to maintain the site himself.

He can also offer his clients mobile sports betting, allowing his players to get their action on the go using their smartphones or tablets.

A modern bookie who signs up with a price per head solutions company will also be granted his own 800 number line. This is a phone number which players can dial at no cost to them in order to place their wagers through the pph shop’s call center.


Lots of Services for the Right Price

The best thing about becoming a bookie is that a qualified pay per head shop offers its services to the bookmaking agent for a reasonable weekly fee that is based on actual usage.

This means that the agent only has to pay the pph shop when a client of his uses the sports betting solutions of the price per head shop.

For example, if a bookie has a package of 100 clients, and only 50 of them processed any wagers either over the internet or over the phone, the agent only has to pay for those 50 active clients and not for the total of his players.

Being this case, becoming a bookie who works with a pay per head shop is quite convenient because he only pays to the pph shop when he gets paid by his clients.