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Bookie Tips: Understanding Conversions

When you create a bookie site, your aim is to get people to do exactly what you want them to do, which is to become your clients. Taking this into consideration will help you to come up with a site that will be especially designed to get you conversions.

Traffic versus Conversions

Don’t get confused: even though the pages of a site are getting a lot of traffic, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a high bounce rate (when visitors arrive to a site and immediately leave). Sites with a high bounce rate likely have a low conversion rate. You likely prefer to have fewer visitors and more conversions on your bookie site, than a lot of traffic and few online customers for your pay per head services.

A good example of massive traffic real conversions:

There was a company a while back that needed some SEO work because even though it was doing fine with mail orders, their online service was quite poor, despite their good prices. After they determined that a technology update could not be considered a real option, their choice was to create a brand new sister site that was designed to attract traffic and then send browsers to the main, non-optimized site for sales purposes.

For some time this idea seemed to work just fine as the company was getting more traffic and increased sales, but then they took a drastic and unnecessary decision that ultimately hurt them: they decided to eliminate the sister site because according to their opinion, it was preventing people from visiting their main site!

The lesson from this example is that the company mistaken traffic with conversions. The sister site was actually helping them to attract real buyers while drawing away regular window shoppers, but for some reason they failed to see it like that. If your bookie website is not getting that much traffic but it’s getting you some good sales, then you are on the right path to success.

Get Rid of Bad Keywords

When planning the SEO strategy for your bookie site, one of the main parts of your work will involve a lot of keyword research and testing. When you use a keyword that is getting you the right amount of traffic but that is not getting the conversions that you need, then it is time to say good bye to that keyword phrase and update it for another one that will indeed get you some customers.

Bad keywords also use a lot of bandwidth and require some considerable server space in order to manage all the incoming traffic, so this means that a keyword phrase that is not working is not only consuming a lot of the time that you are spending doing optimization, but they are also failing to provide you with any kind of income and instead they are becoming expensive to maintain!

Get to Know your Competitors

Getting to know your competitors is quite relevant when it comes to getting conversions. There are things that your online competition is doing that can probably serve your interests. Although you don’t really want to copy exactly what a competitor is doing, you certainly want to assimilate the strategies that seem to be working for them when it comes to acquire clients.

Note: remember that your online business is not competing directly with the local agents as many of them don’t even have a web presence. Instead, think of your site as a way to expand your betting operation from the limits of your community.

You are not competing against Bob the local bookie; your true competitors are now located anywhere in the globe, and although that might sound like a disadvantage, clients can also come from anywhere, either nationally or from overseas. So, now you have more competitors, but also more business opportunities.