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Bookie Tips: Things to Do Before Starting Your Business


So after working for someone else for most of your professional life, you are now ready to turn into your own boss by becoming a bookie.

If that is your particular case, then we have some information that can really come handy: these are the things that you must do before you put in place the first stone of your future pay per head bookie empire.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that starting a bookie business is just like climbing a mountain; it may seem very challenging from the bottom, but if you take the trip one step at a time, then reaching the top won’t be so difficult.


Bookie Tips: An Small, but Key Things to Do


Market Research

Take the time to properly research the market. Since you, as a bookie, will be working with pay per head services, you have plenty of options to offer to your players.

You can decide to offer straight up sports betting solutions alone, or you can also take the decision of adding some horse betting or even casino action to your gambling offerings.

It really all depends on what is the type of player that you want to offer your services to.

You can start by checking out sports bars and other places where players usually hang out and ask around what locals are most interested in, and with the information obtained, you can create a better plan of action and avoid pitfalls later on.

Getting Funds

Starting a bookie business means that you will require some operational budget to get started with.

If you can come up with this money on your own, then this is the ideal way to go because you will be in full control of your finances, and best of all, you will also be able to pocket all the profits.

On the other hand, a business partner is not such a bad idea.

Sure, you will be forced to share your profits with someone else, but the good part is that whenever you need to pay a big winning bet to a given player, your partner will be there to support you.

If you don’t have all the cash that you need to get started, and you want to work alone, you can get a business partner that can help you at the beginning, and once your profits have reached a healthy condition, you can start running things on your own.

Of course, if this is the way you want to operate, you must make that clear to your prospective partner (s).

Create a Business Plan

Just like you need a blueprint to build a home or a building, you also need a plan to create a successful bookie business.

A business plan can help you advance in the right direction, and it will also help you to perceive possible problems that you can solve before they actually turn into unexpected, unwanted situations.

Make sure that you stick to your business plan during the course of your bookie career; otherwise you may put in jeopardy all the work you’ve put into your new entrepreneurial venture.


As a bookie, it is always better to keep a low public profile, so when dealing with anything related to your sports betting operation, it is in your best interest to utilize an alias.

Using this alias, you can safely promote your bookie business all over town, or even online.

Make sure that you pick an alias that players like and can identify with.

The more familiar players feel about your alias, the more chances you have of closing deals.