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Bookie Tips: Why Focusing on Google’s Organic Results Matter

If you want to start offering your bookie pay per head services using professional bookie software to online players, you need to make sure that you count with a website that is well optimized for organic results. Although there are a few significant search engines out there, you really need to focus your SEO efforts on Google, and here are some of the reasons why.

Remarkably Relevant

Although most search engines work with similar algorithms for their organic SERPs, the truth is that Google is the one that puts the most significance on the popularity of a bookie website based on links (incoming and outgoing) and this factor certainly makes it the most relevant player in the game.

Focused on Research

Google is probably the most research-friendly search engine out there, and optimizing your bookie website to rank well on the organic SERPs will guarantee that bettors researching for agents will get to your site. Remember: Google will grant your site authority based on your expertise, so if you want to be found by possible clients, make sure that you will apply the right SEO techniques.


PageRank is part of Google’s organic search algorithm. The better your PR, the better you will rank on the SERPs. If you’re wondering what PR does, it actually designates a numerical weight to a group of hyperlinked docs in order to find out how important they are.

If you want to have a good PR that can get you a top spot on the organic SERPs, you need to make sure that you look for link partners which have a high PageRank. It is better to have a few incoming links from sites with a respectable PR thank a ton of links coming from sites with a low PR.

Largest Index

Google has indexed more than a trillion pages so far, and that means that getting to the top positions of organic search results might not be an easy task. But considering that Google’s enormous index is one of the reasons why people trust it so much (quantity and quality makes it more credible than others), it makes a lot of sense to focus your optimization work on this search engine.

Brand Recognition

A while back, people used to “search” for something on the internet; these days they Google it. The name of this giant search engine is so relevant these days that the word Google is even listed in the dictionary. This means that ranking well on Google’s organic results will certainly open more possibilities of new business deals for you.

Dominates the Search Market

Sure, you might be doing fine on the SERPs for less popular engines, but in reality you should only be concern on ranking at the top spots for Google’s organic searches because this is the one which dominates the search market. Google gets more traffic than all of the other engines combined, netting more than 60% of the total of visits while Yahoo (the second in importance) gets less than 20% and Bing just a little more than 10%.


Paid results are good, but organic results are certainly more credible to the eyes of the average internet visitor because paid results are often for pages that want to sell something, and you really want to prevent your bookie website from being perceived as a sales tool.

So, if you really want to make the difference when it comes to promote your bookie website, make sure that you’ll create an SEO strategy that will get you positive results when it comes to getting Google to include your site at the top positions of its organic search results.