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Bookie Tips: Best Keyword Practices

To get the best results for your bookie site, you must follow some search engine optimization practices related to your keywords, here are the main ones:

Selecting Keywords

After you have identified the pages of your bookie site that are ranking well for specific keywords, make sure that you remove other phrases that are really not helping you to get the rankings that you need to promote your services so that those pages are completely focused on the top keywords that do get you traffic.

Number of Terms

When you are in the process of assigning keyword terms to the pages of your bookie site, it is recommended that you select 1 to 5 main ones for each page and 2 or 3 supporting ones. The latter are great for supporting pages that are still in the development process and also for giving you some depth of content.

Relationship between Phrases

It is also quite important that all of the keyword phrases on landing pages to be related to each other. When you get many keywords that are unrelated to one another, there is a risk of the overall theme of your bookie site getting diluted, which is a factor that can affect your PageRank in a negative way. For example, if you have a page that is dedicated to offer your casino solutions, then make sure that all the keywords within that page are about the games or advantages that are available for the gambler.

Arranging Phrases

Once you have chosen your top and supporting keyword phrases for every landing page of your bookie site, you need to arrange them in a strategic way, which means that you must put keywords in:

  • The Titletag of the page
  • The Headings located on the page (mainly in your H1 tag)
  • The Metakeywords and Metadescription tags (this metadata can be found in the head section of the HTML code and it’s used to define content)
  • The overall page content

Google’s web crawlers check on titles, metakeywords and metadescriptions tags not just to figure out what the pages of your bookie site are all about, but also because they grab text from those areas to display it in the SERPs.

Depending on the search query, Google can also grab descriptive text from the content of the page itself and from sources such as DMOZ (the Open Directory Project), so make sure that you give the search engine giant as many options as possible.

Use Synonyms and Slang

Using synonyms and slang words on your landing pages is also very relevant because they can help you to get traffic from prospective clients that don’t necessarily utilize proper terms. Slang words mimic the way in which visitors actually speak and finding those terms on your bookie site will certainly make them feel that you are an agent that understands how players think, and this is a positive aspect that can help you close some deals.

Page Enhancements

Although you might have a bookie site that you believe it is great and is getting you some clients, there are still some areas that you can enhance in order to make it even better and more attractive to online players.

For example, if you have a page that is all about sports betting, but you are also including some information on your racebook services and also some info about your casino solutions, then such page is likely a bit disjointed.

Because such page is primarily about sports gambling, you need to make sure that the content is all related to the central theme. For that reason, it is better to create separate landing pages fully dedicated to your casino entertainment business and to your horse betting services.