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Bookie solutions Site: Tips on Using Web Personas

By creating fictitious personas you can evaluate your bookie solutions site from the perspective of your customers.

A web persona is someone that has the characteristics of your targeted audience. How they speak, the way they act, what they believe in, etc.

When you create this kind of profile, you must take into consideration the client data that you have previously accumulated, including things such as their interests, their activity on your website and also demographics.

Bookie solutions Tips: Archetypes for your Website

Many companies out there tend to utilize web personas as archetypes, which are a collection of behaviors and traits which are based on a given type of client.

Doubtless it is easier to become more analytic of your pay per head services site from the perspective of a customer archetype than from a vague client group.

When you really understand the wants and needs of your visitors, it will be much easier for you to identify their goals and patterns, which will allow you to come up with personas whose mission will be that of satisfying the needs of a targeted group.

Different Personas for Different Goals

If you have a single goal for your bookie services site, then you can create just a single persona for your online activities.

On the other hand, if you have set various goals for your website, then you can feel free to create several personas. It really all depends on how varied your clientele is.

For this reason it is important that you first study the demographics of your current clients and the people that is visiting you as this will give you a better idea of how many personas you need and for which purposes.


When you create effective personas, you can:

  • Understand and remember what the beliefs and goals of your prospective clients are.
  • Develop a singular voice or single voices for different goals to serve as the image (s) of your bookie solutions website, both on-site and off-site (such as in social media).
  • Find out what features from your site are accepted by your visitors and which ones need some updates or being completely removed to be replaced for more effective ones.
  • Get to know your visitors more personally.
  • To continuously build a shared slang between the online persona and your targeted audience to prevent confusion.
  • Take more informed decisions.

Using Personas

Although now you have a persona who has a name, place of residence and interests, you’re still not done. You need to use it for role-playing:

Case Studies: Imagine the character that you have created coming to your bookie solutions site for different reasons. Go through the steps a normal visitor would go through.

Client Attention: From the point of view of your persona, check out how easy it is to get help from your bookie solutions site. By doing this, you can figure out if there are some flaws on this area of your business.

When you make yourself easily accessible to people, you certainly have more chances of signing up some new clients.

On the other hand, when visitors find it difficult to find you, they will simply leave your site in order to look for other options.

We recommend you to make use of an instant messaging service such as skype that is linked between your bookie solutions site and your smartphone.

That way, when a prospective client has visited you and is interested in talking to you directly, they have the option of reaching you immediately as you will get an instant notification on your mobile and will be able to answer right there at the same moment.