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Bookie Solutions Site Tips: Creating the Right Kind of Content

Content is certainly king when it comes to attracting visitors to your bookie solutions site, and here are some tips that can really help you create the kind of text that can get you conversions.


Use your bookie solutions Expertise

When you are writing the content of your website, remember that people that is looking for bookie solutions doesn’t know all the advantages that they are going to obtain by playing with you, especially because you are making use of first-class pay per head services.

Try to use your expertise as much as possible on your text in order to appear as an industry authority. This will certainly gain you some popularity with first-time visitors and will entice them to return.


Provide Facts

When people do web research, they usually scan the text at the top of pages in order to decide if they offer what they’re looking for. For this reason it is important that you keep the paragraphs on your bookie solutions site direct and short, with as many facts as possible.

The least that you want is to get people to stay for a long time on-site for the wrong reasons. If someone visits your website and starts reading a long article that leads to nowhere, chances are that he or she is going to leave and won’t return again.


Be Concise

Even though the intentions of a webmaster are the best, if the text on the website is not concise and to-the-point, especially at the beginning of pages, the website is going to acquire a bad reputation with visitors.

To avoid this, tell prospective clients who you are right away. Tell them all they need to know about your bookie solutions and also make it clear why you are more relevant than the competition.


Bulleted Lists and Bold Text

Using bulleted lists is great because they get the attention of the visitor right away. You can also apply some bold text, especially on subheadings and words that are of great interest for possible new customers.


Indicative Words

Remember that when people access the internet, they are there to do some researching on products or services that they need or simply want.

For this reason, it is important that you utilize research words such as “tips” on the pages of your site in order to indicate people that you have the content that they’re looking for.



Since you are in the bookie solutions business, do some good brainstorming concerning all that is related to your area of expertise.

Think like prospective clients in order to realize what they’re interested in. Since most players love casino games and gambling in general, you can add that type of content.

Start first with more focused topics related to your services and then move on to the more general ones.



Since you really want to sign up people for your bookie solutions right away, a good strategy is to add a link on your home page to a special promos page.

Players certainly love to place bets, and when they can do it for free, many will take the chance of trying a new agent.

Think about promotions or bonuses that can be attractive to possible new customers and that will not hurt your business in any way.

For example, you can offer a couple of cheap straight wagers as a sign-up bonus and also another promo that can be redeemed once a player has placed a certain number of wagers.

This is really entirely up to you and the kind of clients that you want to attract. If you’re running a small betting operation, it is in your best interest to offer low promos.

On the other hand, if you are after the big fishes out there, you can take some risks and offer big-time players some especial deals in order to get their attention.

The more eye-catching the content on your promotions page, the more chances you have of closing some deals.