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Effective Sports Betting Management
The Bookie Software offered by Book Per Head was especially designed for bookmakers with different business needs. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small or a large wagering operation, we’re sure that our software can help. Also, get as much free support as you want provided by our very own team of developers!

Top Software Advantages

  • Modify your own betting lines
  • Real-time monitoring of activity by clients or sub-agents
  • Easily plan your future course of action
  • Live basic (20) and advanced reports (10)
  • Customizable betting rules for the sportsbook the racebook and the casino
  • Data encryption
  • No downtimes! Our software will always be available to you
  • 24-7 Year-Round Services

The ABC of Signing Up
A – Open a free account or Call us at 1877-774-0999
B – Let us create a special service plan based on your needs
C – Start the trial period!
Take control of your business with bookie software and offer players high-quality sportsbook phone and web solutions

Take Charge
Make use of our live reports to manage your betting operation more efficiently and also to keep an eye on your client’s current activity.

Know What Your Current Status Is
Our software also makes it possible for you to check on your current cash exposure on every single open wagering line. Use this feature to know when you need to stop taking wagers!

Complete Liberty
It is up to the bookie to choose what betting lines he wants to make available to his clients. Agents even have the option of making determined likes available just to a selected group of bettors

Have an Eye on the Numbers
With our fail-proof live reports you can always keep an eye on your daily, weekly and month house figures. You can easily check every single monetary transaction made and you can also have control over the real cash that you are getting from sub-agents.

We are Synonymous with Reliability
Since we work with dynamic servers, we guarantee that you will always be able to access your data.