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Bookie Software: Sports Betting’s Must Have, See Why


Before the Bookie Software era, when a person wanted to start a sports betting operation, he was forced to use tools such as hand written tickets and Microsoft Excel in order to keep track of his numbers.

This was indeed a tedious process that came with its own share of stress and long hours behind a desk.

The arrival of the Bookie Software option changed all that for agents as they are now able to run a full functional price per head sportsbook business with little to no local assistance at all.

Bookie Software, Why?

Here are some of the top reasons why Bookie Software is essential for today’s agents:


Keep Track of Bets, Current and Past

All of the wagers that have been processed either online or by phone are recorded.

This means that when an agent logs in, he can check on the bets that are currently being taken and those that were processed in the past.

The agent himself don’t have to take any bets as this side of the sports betting operation runs in the hands of the Price per Head shop that provides the Bookie Software.

This is certainly quite convenient for the bookmaker as most of the work it’s done by a third party, allowing the agent to check on the activity of his clients at his own convenience.

Edit Player Accounts Freely

Just because a Pay per Head Services Company is handling a large part of your wagering business it doesn’t mean that agents can’t have control over their own operation!

On the contrary, with this virtual system, an agent can edit the accounts of his clients at any time.

He can decide whether a player’s account remains open or if it should be closed for a particular reason.

The agent can also set individual betting limits for each one of his players, allowing him to have control over his exposure.

Easily Handle your Sub-Agents

This is also the right choice for agents that are currently running or are planning to start a bookmaking operation that involves sub-agents.

Handling sub-agents using this virtual system is just like handling players account as bookmakers can edit accounts as they see fit.

Bookies are able to check how much they need to collect from a given sub-agent, or how much cash he needs to send his way in order to pay to winners, amongst other features.

Mobile Capabilities

What is best about working with Bookie Software is that this is a virtual service that can be run from any place with internet access.

If an agent needs to be at a given place precisely when an important game is on the board, he can just grab his smartphone or tablet and log in to his account in order to check on the action that is currently taking place.

Having access to a virtual system like this one presents a great deal of advantage, and also of freedom.

Have the Edge over Competitors

There are two types of agents out there: the ones that uses Bookie Software and those that don’t; the former are the ones that have a great chance of becoming successful, and the latter are most likely destined to fail.

This is because the agents that do use this virtual system are saving a lot of valuable time and resources, both of which they can spend on other things, such as recruiting clients or even creating an online website to promote their services.

On the other hand, the agents that decide to run things manually are going to find it hard to fill their bookmaking portfolio because nowadays players prefer to deal with modern agents who runs things faster, and mistake-free.