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Bookie Software Bitcoin: Secure, Reliable Bookmaker Services

Bookie Software Bitcoin: Secure, Reliable Bookmaker Services

Bookie Software Bitcoin: Secure, Reliable Bookmaker Services


If this is your current situation, you definitely need a Bookie Software Bitcoin solution:

You’ve been a bookmaking agent for a while, but continue to run your business the old school way.

At first, everything worked, because everything was different; but since everything changed, your life took a turn for the worst.

That’s because the top agents in the industry are now working with PPH offshore services!

And they do it because they can get all the tools they need, and they’re able to pay discreetly; using a reliable crypto-currency such as Bitcoin.

Instead, you’re still writing down all the wageringaction of your clients; many of whom don’t feel safe placing bets with you any longer.

If this sounds familiar, there’s an easy fix: search for a Bookie Software Bitcoin service from a top Costa Rica PPH Shop, and start getting all the benefits right away.


Bookie Software Bitcoin: How It Works, Getting It

Here’s the info on how to get your own Bookie Software Bitcoin solution; so that you can play head to head against the top bookmakers out there.

First step is to contact the right PPH Shop.

You want this company to be located in Costa Rica because that way you can get the best value for your cash.

Once you’ve picked your favorite PPH company, it’s time to make a call.

Now, before you do this, remember to setup, and fund your Bitcoin account!

Back to the sign up process, the next step is to set everything up with the PPH Shop; so that you won’t have any problems making your payments using a crypto-currency.

Once that part is done, you’ll be ready to get familiarized with the pay per head services provided by the PPH company…


Bookie Software Bitcoin: The Services

Now, these are the services you’ll get when you sign up with the right Bookie Software Bitcoin company:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Online wagering and gambling
  • Call center betting


Bookie software

This sportsbook software is the tool you can use to manage your sports betting and gaming operation.

It includes many great agent reports which allows you to check how well your business is performing versus your players.

And, you can check all the past and current action of your customers in real time.

This means that all the data you get is refreshed second to second to offer you the most accurate data possible.

So, for example, if you checked the data of your players a couple of minutes ago, and then you check again, you will be able to see any and all major wagers placed during that short period of time.

And needless to say, this is an advantage every single agent out there would like to count with.

The reason is because it allows you, as a bookie, to detect wagers that are not the average type. So that you can take the right decisions at the right time.

Allowing you to save, or make more cash in the process.


Online wagering and gambling

This is the main Bookie Software Bitcoin service for your players.

It includes access to a fully working website where bettors and gamblers can get their action by themselves.

Now, when you sign up with the PPH Shop, you automatically get sports betting services.

If you want to include a gambling service for your players, you need to request it as an extra.

With that said, with the kind of outstanding profits you will obtain from your online casino operation; it won’t be a problem at all for you to pay the extra weekly fee that this solution costs.

Now, there are two versions of this website:

  • Standard
  • Personalized



The standard version is the one most bookies work with. This is because this is a great option, and also the most affordable.



You can also opt for paying a ONE-TIME extra fee in order to get your own customized website.

This is a site where only your players will be getting their action.

This is great because it enhances your image as a top bookmaker in a big way.

And this is exactly the kind of marketing you need to get others to become your clients.


Call center betting

This is the second service that’s available for players.

It is doubtlessly essential. And the reason is because even though web betting is very popular, there are still many players that really enjoy the phone experience.

And, what’s most important is that many of these phone bettors are big-time players.

In other words: Many of these bettors can turn into long-term customers; which means great profits for your operation.

Now, when searching for the right Bookie Software Bitcoin company, make sure their call center services includes the following:

  • Year-round service
  • Access to multilingual clerks
  • Sports and horses departments


Year-round service

You should look for a call center solution that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is because you don’t want to limit your customers to a given phone betting schedule.

Instead, you should offer them a service that they can access, for free, at any time of the day.


Access to multilingual clerks

It’s also important to look for multilingual services.

This is because this will allow you to sign up new clients that speak not only English, but also Chinese and Spanish.


Sports and horses departments

Another factor to consider is separated sports and horses departments.

If you manage to find a PPH Shop that offers this advantage, then this is really great.

And the reason is because this will allow you to offer a more personalized wagering service to your players.


Bookie Software Bitcoin: Free Trial Period

Now, if you find the right PPH Shop, you don’t have to start paying right away.

Instead, you can test all the PPH services without paying a single cent.

Actually, the way you do that is by requesting a free trial period.

And, if you’re dealing with a top Bookie Software Bitcoin company, you won’t have to ask for it as you’ll get it automatically.