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Bookie Site Tips: Pointers to Improve your Rankings

When it comes to your bookie site, you need to make sure that you are doing as much as you can to obtain a favorable PageRank.

Here are some pointers that can give you an idea of the route that you need to follow in order to get the best possible results.


Using a Dynamic Bookie Site

A dynamic pay per head bookie site is created by making use of a template and content management system, which gives webmasters control of page definition by grabbing info from a database. This actually means that such pages don’t exist until a user requests for it.

When you have a ton of pages, it is best to use a CMS to create it dynamically right there on the spot. To allow for web crawling, a content management system pulls the information from the database and plugs it into a page template.

You must work with an SEO-friendly CMS as things such as tags, code and content are created by such system. The ones that can be considered as optimal are those that allow the webmaster to edit the aforementioned data and also have access to other editing features such as cosmetics and H#tags.

If you really can’t work with customization with your current content management system, then it is advisable to get a new one. We recommend WordPress because it’s open source and it is free.

When looking for a good CMS, you should make sure that it allows:

  • HTML template customization
  • Production of unique titles, meta descriptions and tags
  • Production of unique H#tags
  • Group content categorization


The Name of Your Files

How you name the files of your bookie site is very important for Google because the web crawlers take filenames as indicators of what their content is all about. Also, make sure that you keep your filenames as short yet as  descriptive as possible.

Instead of naming your files like this: *0035001.jpg

Name them with more specific information such as: *toyota-camry.jpg

It is also relevant to not leave any spaces between words, so you must use either hyphens or periods. Do not name your files such as toyotaxcamry as although the spiders might be able to figure out the words, making their work easier favors you concerning the rankings of your bookie site.


A Simple Design

Since web crawlers can’t read a page just a person does, you should try to add as much readable content as possible. This is because they can only read text and although this technology is evolving rapidly and one day we may see Flash turn as spiderable as words, for now it is best to stick with Google’s current requirements.

Try to make your bookie site as easy to navigate as you can and if you want to use Flash, add at least a written paragraph of informative text in the actual content of the page in order to make such files both attractive to visitors and to Google’s spiders.

Also, work with the same design procedure as that will help you to identify a possible problem when something goes wrong with your website.

When you are in the process of creating your standard procedure, knowing the following is quite relevant:

  • What your bookie site is about
  • The themes of your pages
  • The top silos or categories
  • The keyword terms, then way in which you research and pick them
  • Using a standard for naming your files 

Using Music

Some studies have demonstrated that people get annoyed when they visit a website and find loud, unpleasant music playing in the background. It is recommended that you stay away from using background music on your bookie site, but if you do it, then make sure that it is turn off by default, allowing every user to turn it on voluntarily.