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Bookie services Site Tips: Understanding Duplicate Content


You must avoid duplicated content on your bookie services site, period. When you make use of content that has been residing on a different URL for some time, the web crawlers will notice it.

Even though the content is the same on both sites, yours is newer, and which is an indication of duplication and you can get penalized.

Remember that the search engines want to show browsers a variety of options on the same topic and not a bunch of links containing exactly the same text or multimedia files.

Bookie services Site Tips: Only Original Content

What’s more important, the spiders have to determine which page is the original one, and that is the only page of a bookie services site that is going to be included on the SERPs (search engine results page), while the perceived copy will not make the cut.

This is why it is so important that you write your own content for the pages of your bookie pay per head services site because when you decide to use duplicated text, your pages are not even going to be available for prospective clients to see them, so it is not worth it.

Types of Duplicate Content

There are two main types of duplicate content:

  • Outside Domain: This is when there are two websites with the same text
  • Within Domain: This is when the duplication is taking place on your bookie services site.

Avoiding In-Site Duplicates

In order to keep your site duplication-free, here are some tips that can help:

  • Heading Tags: When you’re writing these tags for your bookie services site, there is a chance that competing websites are already using the same tags.  Make sure that you investigate your competition in order to have fully original copy.
  • Consolidate Content: if you some reason you have two pages with very similar content, your best bet is to combine the content of both pages in order to create a strong one to replace two weak ones.

Titles and Descriptions

There are times when even the smallest of mistakes can get your site penalized, and using duplicated titles is one of them.

Even though the content of the pages of your bookie services site is different, if they all share the same title, there is a chance that the web crawlers are going to identify your pages as duplicated content just because of that small but very important detail.

The same goes with your descriptions for every page: avoid putting duplicated content on this important area. Instead, try to create a detailed piece of information that includes your targeted keyword for that specific page.


There are different methods which you can use to syndicate your content such as RSS feeds and press releases, but you need to be careful when you use this SEO (search engine optimization) technique because of the duplicate content factor.

Press Releases: Even though sending a PR or press release might create a good amount of duplicate content because of the basic nature of this practice, using PR’s is a great way to get backlinks and generate traffic for your bookie services website.

If you start sending PR’s for your bookie services site, don’t stop doing it because the search engines will notice that you are making use of a valid SEO practice, which will prevent certain content that you have created from being penalized as duplications.


Another great source of duplicate content is mirrors. These are \copies of either a single page or a full bookie services site.

There are ways in which you can use mirrors to improve user convenience, but the important thing to notice is that you must not make use of this practice in a deceptive way.