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Bookie Services Site Tips: Information on Obtaining Backlinks


There are different ways in which you can collect backlinks for your bookie services site. For example, you can create attractive articles or even come up with a useful widget that will certainly encourage website administrators to link to you.

Every single technique takes time and dedication, and for this reason, it is advisable to attract qualified outbound links with content people is sure to find valuable, especially when it comes to making the most of your time and cash (to buy link-ads for example) as possible.

Bookie services Site Tips: Main Benefit of Outstanding Content

The top benefit of creating great content for your bookie services site is that it can attract links from websites with a high PageRank on its own, and what is best, those links are likely to remain in those sites permanently, which is quite beneficial for your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

Links that have stayed in pages with relevant content will definitely make you appear more authentic to those who arrive to your bookie services site from those pages.

The Kind of Sites you should Aim for

If you already have some attractive content for your pay per head bookie services site and you wish to become more proactive when it comes to get others to link to you, the first step is to do some brainstorming about the kind of websites that are more appropriate for your backlinking campaign.

It is quite helpful to check for the sites that are linking to your competition and the reasons why. Make sure to verify if your competitors are using paid ads (such as banners) for reciprocal linking (one ad in their site and vice versa).

Also remember that it is in your best interest to get outbound links from websites which are closely related to your industry or the themes of your bookie services site.

Justified Use of Ads

If you are to use paid advertisements, you need to make sure that such ads are justified based on how they can increase your traffic and improve brand awareness instead of basing your decision to spend cash on ads because of ranking benefits.

If you decide to use purchased advertisements, make sure to utilize the pages of your bookie solutions site which are visited more often as they are doubtless the best targets for paid ads.

Reputation of Websites

Although Google has stated that there is little other websites can do to harm yours, “little” is not synonymous with “no harm at all.”

You can actually hurt the reputation of your bookie services site with the web crawlers if you engage in a reciprocal link campaign with websites that are known for manipulating the SERPs (search engine results page) with unethical optimization techniques such as link farming and spam.

Never ask for backlinks from such type of websites.

Authority Websites

A backlink from a website that is relatively new is just as good as one that comes from an established web portal, but this is true only if the link is located in a popular page from a newer site that is considered to have “authority.”

It is also important to remember that a link located in newer authority sites are likely to drive more traffic to your bookie services site because they have better designs and are probably well maintained by their administrators.

No Follow Attribute

When requesting a backlink from an external website, make sure that the webmaster of the other site is not going to add a rel=”nofollow”attribute to the link because that will prevent the spiders from indexing it, and that will basically eliminate the reason why you requested the outbound link in the first place.