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Bookie Services Site Tips: Using Link Magnets and Link Baits

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A great way to attract inbound links to your pay per head bookie services site is to make use of link magnets and baits.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Difference between Link Bait and Magnet

Link magnets include things such as tools, web apps, how-to articles, reference material or just any kind of data that is considered valuable by both prospective clients and linking partners.

Link Baits are the content that is especially created with the goal of getting attention and attracting backlinks to your bookie services site.

The main difference between them is that a magnet is used to attract links that are relevant to your website and bait is used to get good, but short-term traffic that is not precisely related to your industry.

Ideas for a Link Magnet

To come up with a good idea for a link magnet might not be an easy task and it is likely to require a good effort on your part, but in the end the results are going to be favorable and your time will certainly be compensated.

Before you start developing a link magnet, you need to have a clear idea of who your targeted audience is and what is it that they find interesting when they go online.

A link magnet gets the attention of others and generates discussion, and ultimately will get you closer to people that will eventually link back to your bookie services site.

If you are short of ideas when it comes to creating link magnets for your bookie software solutions site, you can always opt for hiring the services of professionals that can do this work for you.


Writing articles that are of a non-commercial nature can certainly help you attract some inbound links from people that find the information contained in the pages of your bookie services site helpful enough as to add you as a source for related content

Link Baits:

There are different kinds of content that SEO (search engine optimization practitioners commonly use as link baits:

Top 10’s: Although some might consider these lists a bit cliché, they are still very effective for getting backlinks.

How-To’s: These guides explaining something from A to Z in the way of a summary. Adding pictures to this kind of content is good, but videos are even better, so if you are not camera-shy, open your own youtube channel, where, for example, you discuss the upcoming NFL games based on your sports betting expertise.

If you manage to get a loyal following, then chances are that people will link back to your bookie services site quite often.

Controversial Stuff: creating controversial content based on hot-button issues is another way to get people talking about what you have to say.

This can be either very good and attract positive comments about what you wrote or it can also be very bad and decrease the reputation of your bookie services site on social media for example.

This is the reason why making use of this technique must be used with care or not used at all.

Resources: You can also come up with things such as charts or interesting graphs about new research on different areas.

If you manage to create cool charts or graphs that explain a concept in an easy yet entertaining way, and add them to pages to be subsequently promoted, you will certainly increase the chances of success of your link bait campaign.

Games: If you have the necessary resources, then you can also hire a professional that can help you develop a game for your bookie services site may or may not be related to your particular industry.

If you can come up with the right product, you are likely get some good short-term optimization benefits thanks to the continuous traffic.