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Bookie Services Site Tips: Link Building 101


Link building it’s about getting external sites to link to your bookie services site. There are different ways in which you can ask for links for your site:

  • Magnets
  • Baiting
  • Requests
  • Buying

Bookie Services Site Tips: Link Magnets

When we mention link magnets, we are referring to the elements on your bookie services website that you construct in such a way that people really feel like linking to them.

In the same fashion as a magnet attracts iron, these content elements are great to attract links.

Visitors find your price per head service site, then find the link magnet and finally decide that the content is very relevant, so they decide to add a link to the page of your bookie solutions site on their own website.

This of course happens because a certain webmaster has found your content both useful and attractive.

This is a process that takes place over time but that is quite effective because the person that is linking to your pay per head services site has a real interest in your particular field of expertise.

It is important to recall that the web crawlers judge your bookie services site based on how well developed your website is in relationship to your particular industry of interest, and to get external links from relevant sites certainly helps a lot.

Link Baits

What SEO (search engine optimization) experts refer to as link bait is just an accelerated variation of a link magnet. It is something that is deliberately stimulating as to get a webmaster to decide to link to you without a prior request.

A link bait, unlike a magnet, is more broad and is not going to be just appealing to your targeted audience but to a larger market.

Just like any other type of link that is not very relevant to the content of your bookie services site, link baits are really not going to be considered as outstanding links.

However it does have a good side: it bring some extra traffic to your pay per head service site, and hopefully some of those new visitors might find your content interesting enough as to give you a permanent link on their own websites.

Viral marketing is a great example of link baits.

Link Requests

A link request is just that: a request from your bookie services site to another website in order to get your link on the external site.

This is done mostly by sending an email or by contacting the webmaster of the other site using a different method.

It is recommended that you do some extensive research on websites that are relevant to your price per head service site, and when you find one that seem adequate, get in touch with the site’s webmaster.

Once you have managed to establish a connection with the site’s administrator, let him or her know what your bookie services website is all about and the reason why you believe it would be good to add a link to one of your pages.

Of course don’t forget to mention on your request the anchor text you would like to be added on the external link.

Think of link requests as selling products door to door. The more doors you knock the more chances of making a sale, or in your case, to get a conversion.

This is a process that takes a lot of time and patience, but it certainly pays well in the end.

Buying Links

You must be very careful when it comes to buying links for your bookie services site. There are actually two ways of doing so but only an effective one.

The first way, which is the one that is seeing with good eyes by the spiders, is to buy advertising for traffic purposes.

The second one, which can get you in trouble with the search engines, is to buy links for popularity.

Although paid links might have some value, when they get detected, they will lose their SEO value and you will end up getting penalized, so it is not recommended. This is because Google actually hates paid links.

Although buying links for traffic and advertising purposes have no SEO weight whatsoever, it is perfectly fine to get webmasters to add a text-link ad or a banner to their sites.