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Bookie Services Site Tips: Inbound Linking That Should Be Avoided


Inbound linking is certainly one of the most effective techniques to improve the PageRank of your Bookie Services site and here’s some information on what you need to avoid if you want to obtain the best results.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Incestuous links

Those that are known as incestuous links carry that name because, for example, certain people have several websites all linking to each other but the owner pretends that he doesn’t own most of the sites.

There are large companies with several interconnected websites that do utilize this technique but they are aware that they are not gaining any link equity and in most cases they do it only because of commercial value.

Most importantly, they don’t hide the fact that they work with it.

Even though you might be trying to use this technique for commercial purposes only, if you are running several small Bookie Services sites and try to link them to each other, you might get penalized.

What is worst, your links can get devalued and your Bookie Solutions site can even be removed from the index of the major search engines for good.

Link farms

Link farms are a type of sneaky SEO (search engine optimization) technique that is utilized to fool the web crawlers with the goal of getting better rankings on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Link farms are hundreds of links on a variety sites all of which link to each other.

This is similar but slightly different than the aforementioned incestuous linking technique because the person that is practicing link farming does not own all of the websites involved.

For example, you should be wary of someone that is asking to add a link to your Bookie Services site in exchange for a link on your Pay per Head Services site to a website that is completely unrelated to your industry (or areas of close interest) because that is a clear sign of a link farm.

You really can’t help it if your site is included in a link farm, all you can do is to ask the owner of such harmful site in a respectful way to remove it as soon as possible.

If you are not linking right back at them, your Price per Head Services site is probably going to be fine.

Web rings

Web rings are not necessarily spam. Web rings are any collection of web sites from around the Internet that join together through interlinking in a circular structure. When you join a web ring, you become part of a circle of related websites.

The term web ring is not really synonymous with spam. These are collections of web sites that are linked to each other by using a circular interlinking structure.

If you join a web ring, this means that you are joining to a circle of websites that are relevant to each other.

It is really not a good idea to become part of a web ring because they don’t help you with link equity, plus you really want people linking back at you in a natural way.

Although they are not as popular as they used to be, they still exist.

Bad Neighborhoods

When you become part of a bad neighborhood, meaning that you are taking links from websites that were eliminated from the search engines’ indexes, it is exactly like associating yourself with the bad guys at school.

Your Bookie Services site will likely get flagged, which means that you will fall under suspicion of using spam.

If someone happens to request a backlink from you, make sure that you search for the URL (uniform resource locator) on Google in order to see if the page where your link is going to be located is indexed.

If not, then chances are that you might want to decline the inbound link exchange proposal.