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Bookie Pay per Head Services Tips: Validation and Qualification of Ideas


If you are planning to start a Bookie Pay per Head Services business, you might want to get familiar with the concept of startup idea qualification and risk elimination because those are two factors that you will have to deal with in the early days of your new freelancing career.

Here is some helpful information about what you can do to validate your ideas about your wagering operation in order to have a better vision of what it actually is and what it can become.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: MVP Thinking

Thinking of yourself as the most valuable player of your Bookie Solutions startup is quite advantageous because after all, no one will champion the concepts that you have in mind for your Bookie Pay per Head Services business like yourself, and most importantly, no one will do it justice like you.

Of course there is another MVP concept that you might want to embrace, and that is the minimum viable product, which states that you really should not put up more work than what is required to open the feedback channel from prospective clients.

This means that you should not over-do, and instead you must work smart in order to get validation for your product, or in your case, your Bookie Pay per Head Services, before you even open your doors to the public.

Qualification Tools

There are a few tools out there that can be really useful and which can be used in conjunction for better results:


This is a great tool that can serve as an idea validation tool. It is a website that is focused on helping new businesses to create launch pages in order to make it easier for them to acquire users faster.

They do so by providing entrepreneurs with an email capture landing page, and they allow you to test what is best for you.

So, by using LaunchRock, you can actually determine what your most effective pitch is in order to get the kind of emails that can turn into conversions.


Unbounce is a website that takes the email capture landing page a step beyond as it allows you to be get more creative with your testing compared to LaunchRock (we recommend you to use the two tools in conjunction in order to compare results).

When working with Unbounce, your goal is to get the best out of your landing page idea qualification strategies, and here are some useful steps that you can use to get the desired results:

  • Instead of describing your Bookie Pay per Head Services to the end users, try to create a pitch that is focused on solving a problem for them.
  • Work only with the data that is needed and no more than that.
  • Add a good marketing offer to your landing page with the goal of alleviating some of the stressful factors related to the problem your idea is going to solve.

Validation Board

Validation Board is a visual representation of a startup idea. This incredibly useful tool can help you to consider what the core assumptions that you have concerning your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation are.

This can be useful because it allows you to validate your ideas based on an analysis that involves the most risky assumption (s) that you can come up with.

What is best about this tool is that it can help you evolve the concepts about your sports betting operation into those that you can feel comfortable about pursuing.

Instead of a simple yes or no outcome, Validation Board forces you to adapt your primary ideas to your test outcomes. The result is great because it gives you a real-life perspective of the market weight and upside that you can experience when you actually decide to get on with your freelancing project.

A good way to get the best results when using the validation board is to do multiple tests before you actually decide to change any elements to your core idea (s).