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Bookie Pay per Head Services: Meeting New Clients the Right Way


When you are running a Bookie Pay per Head Services business, you will definitely going to meet new clients all the time because that is actually the core of your sports betting operation.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Creating a Bond

Before you meet a new client for your Bookie Services business in person it is probably a good idea if you get familiar with the individual either by email or telephone, being the latest option the preferred one.

This is because you want to establish a bond with the player so when you meet him or her in person, there is already a mutual cordiality and respect established in the professional relationship, which will indeed make it easier for you to discuss any business matters with ease.

Meeting Wrong Clients

When you run a Bookie Pay per Head Services business, you need to operate with certain boundaries, including those that you put between you and your clientele.

This is because you probably have some players on your bookmaking portfolio that even though are not big spenders, they do try to get your attention with their wagering concerns all the time and create a problematic situation every time they lose.

The aforementioned type of clients are the ones you really don’t want to meet with because they are basically just wasting a lot of your valuable time and they are not bringing you the profits that deserve that kind of attention from you towards them.

The Right Type of Players

On the other hand, you do want to meet with players that can make you a lot of cash and that on top of that, are guys that you really get along with.  When a bettor is spending big cash with a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider, no matter if he is losing big or winning big, it means that he or she is having a good time.

And, when a player is enjoying his or her wagering experience with an agent, chances are that the agent-client relationship can be an extensive and profitable one.

Be Yourself

When you meet with a big-time client, you need to try to be yourself at all times. Chances are that the person that you are meeting has a long history of wagering and just want to try his or her luck with a different Bookie Pay per Head Services provider.

If you manage to be yourself, you will be perceived as a trustful individual, and that fact alone can increase your chances, in a dramatic way, of closing a nice deal with a big-time player.

Get Them to their Favorite Places

Before you meet a prospective client for your Bookie Pay per Head Services business, it is also important that you know beforehand the interests of the person so you can plan a nice business meeting at a given location where the player is going to feel comfortable and relaxed, which is great because it makes it more open to talk about things such as joining your wagering portfolio.

Offer Them a Good Deal

When you meet a potential good client, that right there is your opportunity to close on a deal, and what better way to do it than by offering a potential customer a nice opening deal.

There are many things that you can offer a client that you know is going to bring you the big bucks, including things such as a nice first-deposit bonus, or a similar monetary compensation that can get the player to start wagering you.

A Vacation

If you have a potential client for your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation that is from another region, what a better way to start a professional business relationship than to inviting that person to your town on a trip where you cover all the expenses, including the best tickets and accommodations that you can afford.