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Bookie Pay per Head Services Tips: Live Happy and Work Better


When running a Bookie Pay per Head Services business, it is important that you don’t get frustrated when you are unable to achieve all of your top goals in time. Here is some advice on how to live a happy life while still being as productive as possible.

When you work with a happy attitude, you will indeed perform better and will accomplish your professional tasks in a better way.

Remember: If you really want to live as best as you can, don’t base your happiness on reaching large goals because you might not achieve them due to different circumstances.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Small Daily Goals

Although you might have some goals related to your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation such as having certain amount of cash on your bank account by a determined date, it is better that you work with small daily goals that can help you to reach the profits that you are aiming for, but doing so without setting any specific dates.

When you have a goal for the day, you will indeed feel great and will get closer to your bigger goal. On the other hand, when you just focus on your top goal, chances are that you will not even accomplish the tasks for the day because your mind is elsewhere.

Your small daily goals related to your Bookie Pay per Head Services should be fully doable according to your resources and the number of clients that you have. This means that you should avoid trying to work with “small goals” that are not so “small” after all.

For example, if you’ve noticed that there are at least 3 clients that places wagers with you on a daily basis, then make that your daily goal for the long run.

Don’t try to push your players to place bets in order to fulfill a bigger goal of, say, 10 players per day in order to get to your top goal faster. This will only lead to frustration and a feeling of unfulfillment.

Standard Level

What you need to aim for is a standard level of happiness that will help you to grow your Bookie Services operation in a more satisfactory way.

Sure, you are on the Bookie Pay per Head Services business to make cash, but what is money good for if you are always unhappy and frustrated?


Mindfulness is becoming more and more popular with Fortune-500 companies, including Google and Ebay, both of whom have meditation areas for their employees, and others such as Facebook and Twitter are following on their steps.

If you want to find more satisfaction in your job as a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider, practicing mindfulness is a technique that can really help out.

In order to bring mindfulness to your work habits, you can start by practicing with basic things such as washing your dishes.

Just try to focus your attention on what you’re doing at the moment without allowing your mind to step away from the task at hand.

When you get good at it, you will realize that you are not even worried about your bigger long-term goals because you are actually finding a lot of satisfaction in what you are currently doing at the moment.

In other words, when you practice mindfulness, you get “in the zone,” which means that you are completely absorbed by your task and become oblivious to the things around you and even to the passage of time.

Indeed, the happier you are the better you’ll do as a Bookie Pay per Head Services freelancer, so we recommend you to take the information above into consideration in order to get to where you want to be as a professional agent without any of the frustration or unnecessary complications.