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Bookie Casino Tips: How to Play Texas HoldEm


Texas holdem is currently the most popular poker game out there, and in this article for bookie casino players, we want to examine its basic strategies and how to play it.


Bookie Casino Tips:  How to Play It


This game is normally played with 9 or 10 players with a blind system that rotates across the bookie casino table. Such blind is designed as to allow the generated cash to be accumulated into the pot in order to stimulate betting.

There are two kinds of blinds, the small one, which is half the amount of the big one, and the latest which is the same amount of cash or chips as the minimum on the table you are current betting at. At every hand, the position of the blind opener rotates one space to the left.

As soon as the antes (only when applicable) and the blinds are placed, each one of the bookie casino players at the betting table is dealt 2 cards face down, these are known as hole cards.

The player that is located at the left of the big blind is the one with the chance of calling, meaning that he has the chance to place the same amount of cash as the previous player, he can also raise the amount, waiting to see if others will call, or alternatively, he can also fold, meaning that he is able to quit the current round of play.

When the betting action hits the bookie casino player that is located at the small blind position, he or she has the chance of calling the portion of the bet they initially placed with the pay per head services agent, or they can raise it or fold.

The bookie casino player that is situated at the big blind position can either raise or check (meaning that he or she can decline such bet) in case of no more bets, as such player has already a full bet in action.

Any player who called the big blind and had the pot raised behind him or her, also has the option of either raise or re-raise the pot. When it comes to Holdem poker limits, you can only bet 3 times during a given round, meaning that there can only be 3 raises per player.

Once the first round of betting is over, 3 community cards are dealt, these are called the flop, and they are placed face up at the center of the bookie casino table, then a second round starts, with the player located at the left of the dealer as the first one to have action. Each player then has the option of checking or betting, and after a bet, each person can choose to have more action or not.

After this, the 4th card, also known as the fourth street is placed face up on the table, and another round of betting follows this. When it comes to most limit games, the bet amount should be the double of the first 2 rounds after the 4th card is shown.

And finally, we have the river, or 5th street, which is the last card that is placed face up on the bookie casino table, with a subsequent betting round following. At this point, each of the remaining active players shows their hole cards in order to see who wins the big pot.