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Bookie Casino Tips: How to Play Craps


If you are interested in playing craps at the virtual bookie casino thanks to the pay per head services provided by your agent, here is some information that can help.

Bookie Casino Tips: Playing Craps


The game of craps is the one with the fastest pace at the bookie casino with roughly one hundred plays per hour, and when you add the fact that craps players tend to have a number of bets at the table at once, then it means that to play this game, one must have a strong bankroll when compared to other games such as black jack.

Craps is the game that offers the most bet types, though this should not intimidate the newbie player, as when you get familiarized with it, it will become easier to grasp, and even though you have many bet offerings, there is a handful that regular players prefer.

The table

Nowadays most craps tables at the bookie casino have double layouts. When it comes to a physical casino, the boxman (the guy that acts as dealer)  is at the center of one of its sides, and on the opposite side we find the stickman, who is the one that pushes the dices to the shooter using a stick, though he also have the function of controlling the tempo of each hand and calling the results of each and every roll.

At the center of the table we find the proposition bet boxes, which are one roll bets, and in this same area we find the boxes for hard way wagers (for example, when you bet that a six will be rolled as 2 3’s before either a seven, or any other dice combination that also makes a six is rolled.

On each side of the table we find two dealers taking bets with the players around them. In front of every player there is a “pass” line, which is a bar that goes all around the table to wager with the shooter.

There is also a small “don’t pass” bar for those whom actually want to wager against the shooter. The areas that are marked as “don’t come” and “come” are for wagers which are quite similar to the pass areas, but where you bet at specific times of every bookie casino game.

The boxes that are marked four, five, six, eight, nine and then are for either to “buy” or “place” wagers where you need to pick any of such numbers for showing up before the next seven.

On the layout of the bookie casino table, there is also a “field” area, which is designed to play one-roll wagers where you need to decide that a given number from 1 to 7 is going to show up.

Six and nine appears spelled on the table in order to avoid confusions and below the table we find the “big 8” and “big 6” boxes where you can bet that either of those numbers is going to appeared before a 7.

Craps Lingo

  • Craps: Numbers 2, 3 and 12
  • Yo (or Yo-leven): 11
  • C and E craps: 11
  • Snake Eyes: 2 number ones
  • Boxcars: 2 sixes
  • Little Joe: 4 (especially when rolled as 3 plus 1)
  • Jimmy Hicks: Number 6
  • Skate and donate: 8
  • Skinny dugan: a loser seven
  • Center field: A nine
  • Puppy paws: 2 fives, also called a hard ten
  • Natural winner: when you hit an eleven or a seven on the come-out roll