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Bookie Betting Software: Solving Problems with Pay per Head Services

Bookie Betting Software: Solving Problems with Pay per Head Services

Bookie Betting Software: Solving Problems with Pay per Head Services


Do you want great Bookie Betting Software that’s also affordable? This is a need you can easily fulfill by working with the right Pay per Head shop.


Bookie Betting Software: What problems can this tool solve for me?


The best Bookie Betting Software is a tool that can solve a number of problems for a bookmaking agent:

  • First problem: taking manual bets
  • Second problem: spending a lot of time talking to players
  • Third problem: managing all the action data
  • Fourth problem: managing sub-agents
  • Fifth problem: creating betting lines
  • Sixth problem: getting gambling players
  • Seventh problem: security


First problem: taking manual bets

As a top bookmaker, you don’t want to take any bets yourself.

And this can be easily resolved by working with the right PPH offshore services provider that can provide you the best sportsbook software.

This is a company that’s located overseas, in a country such as Costa Rica.

And, once you sign up with this type of PPH Shop, your players will get access to the best tools so they can get their action without contacting you directly.

These tools include:

  • Online website
  • Call center access


Online website

This is a site that’s a great complement to the Bookie Betting Software, and it comes in two categories:

  • Standard site
  • Personalized site


Standard site

This is the most affordable option for bookmakers. It’s a website that’s shared by the players of many agents.

And all bettors actually need to get their action is a simple user name and password.


Personalized site

This is a website that is for the exclusive usage of the players of a single agent. And doubtlessly, this is a fantastic choice.

What’s great about it is that you get to pick the domain name and the design of the site.

And even though you need to pay a little extra for the website setup; this is the option that can really help you enhance your brand as professional sports betting and gaming agent.


Call Center access

The second tool that allows players to get their action is call center access. This means that your clients can dial a toll free number, and always get their action for free.

This is a service you should definitely count with because it remains a favorite of many top bettors.

And in order to get the best calling solutions for your players, make sure to work with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

This is because this guarantees that your players are going to get the best service, and you’ll get the best price.


Second problem: spending a lot of time talking to players

When you get the right Bookie Betting Software, you can also avoid spending long hours helping current clients.

This is because a reputable pay per head services provider counts with the right customer service personnel that can help your players with any questions or concerns they may have.

And what’s great about this service is that it’s available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

This means that players can call at any time, and get information on their current balances, and other account-related questions.

Now, since you’re also offering an online wagering and gambling solution; players can also choose to access their own accounts using the internet.

This is also very convenient, and combined, both of these services allows you to enjoy of more free time to do what you want; or to find new clients for your business.


Third problem: managing all the action data

Using the best Bookie Betting Software, you really have all the data related to the sports betting and gaming action of players at your finger tips.

This means that you don’t have to worry about collecting a bunch of paper slips, and keeping records of every single bet.

The reason is because when you work with the right sportsbook software, the information related to sport bets and casino plays is automatically added to the records of your players.

And this is all done in real time!

This means that when a player places a bet, you can immediately see that action reflected in the account of your player.

And, since you can see the combined action of all of your players at the same time, in real time; this allows you to take the kind of decisions that can save you, or make you even more cash.


Fourth problem: managing sub-agents

Another great feature related to the best Bookie Betting Software is sub-agent management.

If you’re a bookmaker that counts with many sub-agents from different regions; it’s really a good choice to use a tool to manage all of their information.

In fact, you can allow your sub-agents to access the bookmaking software themselves so they can submit data when necessary.

This saves you a lot of time, and it makes your operation more dynamic.


Fifth problem: creating betting lines

When a bookmaker operates manually, he needs to create his own wagering lines.

Or, he needs to trust different sources, and really hope for the best.

That however, is a scenario you can avoid by using the best Bookie Betting Software.

This is a Pay per Head service that includes a full wagering menu for players.

And that menu is created and daily updated by skilled, professional line movers.

This guarantees that the lines are always fresh. And that both you and your players are getting the best lines solutions.


Sixth problem: getting gambling players

When you run your operation using the services of a Bookie Betting Software provider, you can also make the request to get your own online casino.

Now, this is really great, and a game-changer for sports betting agents.

The reason is because in the past it was really impossible for the average agent to profit on the gambling action of their sports bettors.

But this all changed when reputable price per head companies began offering casino solutions for bookmakers.

This made it possible for agents to finally start cashing in on the gambling habits of their own customers!

If you want to get this service, you just need to request it as an extra from the PPH Shop.

But, considering the outstanding profits you can obtain, getting it it’s definitely a must-do.


Seventh problem: security

Last but not least, you want Bookie Betting Software because you want your data to remain safe at all times.

And this is only possible by working with a top price per head company that stores the data of agents inside encrypted, internal servers.

If this is the kind of Pay per Head shop you’re looking to sign up with, then you’re definitely on the right track to get the best Bookie Betting Software.