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Betting Software for Bookies: Top Pay per Head Features To Look For

Betting Software for Bookies: Top Pay per Head Features To Look For

Betting Software for Bookies: Top Pay per Head Features To Look For


The best Betting Software for Bookies can really change the way in which agents manage their operations.

The reason is because this tool allows for easy management, and gives bookmaking agents a lot of freedom.


Betting Software for Bookies: The Features

Here are the main features related to the best Betting Software for Bookies:

  • Fully mobile
  • Complete, customizable wagering menu
  • Custom betting rules
  • Wiseguy action monitoring
  • Best services for players
  • State of the art security


Fully mobile

As a top agent, you definitely want to get your hands on Betting Software for Bookies that is fully mobile.

The reason for this is because you want to be as efficient as possible. And you can only do this by working with Pay per Head services that you can access from any mobile device out there.

This is very different than software that forces you to download it.

You really want to avoid this last scenario. And that is because downloads are outdated. And most modern sports betting and gaming operations don’t use them at all.

So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re running a small or large wagering and gambling business; it’s really in your best interest to work with fully mobile sportsbook software.

This way, you can be anywhere in the world, grab your favorite mobile device. such as your smartphone or laptop; and then get online, and check the most recent action of players.

This means that you can always know what’s going on with your operation; without having to be at any physical location to do so.


Complete, customizable wagering menu

Another top feature related to the best Betting Software for Bookies is a complete sports betting menu for players; that’s also customizable.

This means that the price per head shop provides the agent with an outstanding wagering menu for his players.

Such menu is prepared, and updated minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, by a team of expert line movers.

These individuals work directly for the Pay per Head shop.

They use their skills, and the best industry data to provide the players of a bookmaking agent with lines that are attractive; competitive, fair, and that gives the agent an edge.

What’s also great is that the top bookmaker can always edit the lines offered by the PPH Shop at will.

This means that when the lines are served to the agent, he can just edit them to offer a customized line for a particular client; or for all players in general.

And, the agent can also create his own wagering lines!

This is great because it means that the bookmaker can create lines that are particularly interesting for certain players.


Custom betting rules

Using the best Betting Software for Bookies, the agent can also create his own customized sports betting rules.

This means that the agent doesn’t have to play by the Pay per Head company’s rules!

Instead, he can create his own lines to offer them to his players.

This is great because it indicates that a reputable PPH Shop never wants to be in control of the bookmaker’s operation.

Instead, the goal of the price per head business is to provide the agent with offshore services that can help him manage his operation in the best of ways.


Wiseguy action monitoring

The best Betting Software for Bookies also allows you to monitor unwanted wagering action.

When the Pay per Head shop notices this type of wiseguy activity, the bookmaker is immediately notified.

This means that unwanted wagering and gambling action is not a problem.


Best services for players

Apart from premium Betting Software for Bookies, when you work with a reputable PPH Shop; you also get the best services for your players. This includes:

  • Wagering site
  • Call center access


Wagering site

This is a website where your players can get their action using a simple alias and password.

This is also a fully mobile solution. Which means that it is accessible at all times.

And, if you’re working with a good price per head company, you should have the option of counting with your own customized site.

The reason is because when you get the standard Pay per Head service package; your players get access to a sports betting and gaming site that’s shared with the players of other agents.

However, a customized site is available for a one-time extra fee.

And, your players are going to be the only ones usng this website.

And what’s also great about it is that you can pick the actual domain name and design of the website.


Call center access

Another feature for players that complements perfectly the best Betting Software for Bookies is call center access.

This means that your customers have the option of getting their action over the phone, without any restrictions.

And, this service includes a toll free number.

So, when players want to get their action with a phone clerk, they can take as long as they want; and the call won’t cost them a single cent.

Now, in order to make sure that your players are going to get the best possible call center experience; make sure to work with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

This is because this is the type of price per head company that can provide you with the best services; for the lowest weekly prices.


State of the art security

The best Betting Software for Bookies is also the most secure.

You really want to avoid doing business with new PPH Shops because they can’t guarantee the security of your information.

On the other hand, a reputable price per head company does count with all the necessary resources to guarantee that the wagering and gambling data of your players is always protected.

Another factor that’s important to mention related to security is the info the PPH Shop requests from players to get their action.

A top PPH Shop only needs a simple alias and password.

If your players are being asked for their personal name or similar data, chances are that you should consider looking for a safer provider of Betting Software for Bookies.