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Best Sportsbook Software from Pay per Head: Top 7 Determining Factors

Best Sportsbook Software from Pay per Head: Top 7 Determining Factors

Best Sportsbook Software from Pay per Head: Top 7 Determining Factors


You can always get the Best Sportsbook Software from a reputable offshore Pay per Head services provider.


Best Sportsbook Software: Top 7 Factors to Identify It


In order to identify the Best Sportsbook Software, you need to get a trial period from your preferred offshore price per head company.

This will not only allow you to test the data management tool, but also the other price per head services; such as the wagering site and the online casino.

These are the factors that can help you determine if the bookie software; and the other services from the PPH Shop are good:

  • Pay per Head company is located offshore
  • Specialized service departments
  • Custom bookie reports
  • Sportsbook and casino
  • The best wagering lines for players
  • Sign up not required for trial period
  • Full security


Pay per Head company is located offshore

In order to the get the Best Sportsbook Software, you need to make sure that the PPH offshore services company is located offshore.

This is because this is the kind of PPH Shop that can really offer you the best value for your money.

A price per head business that operates from a country such as Costa Rica; counts with many advantages over similar onshore operations.

The reason for this is because the PPH company is able to save a lot of money in overhead costs.

And, this money is then put to work in favor of the bookie and his players in the form of better services.


Specialized service departments

The Best Sportsbook Software company is also the one that counts with its own service departments, including:

  • Lines
  • Customer service
  • Technical
  • Sports betting
  • Horse betting



A reputable price per head shop not only counts with a single lines person.

Instead, a large PPH Shop counts with its own lines department, where the activity is held by many skilled lines managers.


Customer service:

This is where customer support professionals do their work.

This particular department is in charge of helping bookmaking agents and their players with different questions and concerns.



This is the department that is made up of the skilled individuals that provide support for the call center and the different online solutions delivered by the price per head shop.


Sports betting:

This department specializes on sports betting. Modern technology helps agents to provide the best possible service.

The people working here have been carefully trained to provide a professional, efficient, and fast service; tailored to the needs of sports bettors.


Horse betting:

This is the horse betting area of the office. It’s also a separate department that counts with custom services.

Now, when you get your trial period, you can take the opportunity and contact these departments.

You can do this by creating your own player account; which will allow you to test the services from the point of view of your clients.


Custom bookie reports

These are the reports that are part of the Best Sportsbook Software provided by the Pay per Head shop.

Such reports are customizable. This means that you can check only the information you need.

This saves you time, and allows you to make better decisions at determining moments that can help you to improve your profits.

Try to use your trial to test each and every single report.


Sportsbook and casino

A top PPH Shop not only provides the Best Sportsbook Software, but also casino services.

This means that you can choose between just running a sports betting operation; or you can also opt for adding an online casino to the formula.

If you pick both the wagering and gambling services, then you’ll have to pay an extra for the latter.

With that said, paying an extra to the PPH Shop for its gaming solutions is not a problem at all.

And the reason is because soon enough, this service will become so profitable; that it will basically pay itself.


The best wagering lines for players

The Best Sportsbook Software also includes the most favorable lines for you as a bookie, and your players.

Your trial period is also great to test this Pay per Head service out.

You can first go and place some bets online and over the phone.

This will give you the chance to check the quality of the wagering clerks that operate at the offshore call center.

And, you can also test how easy it is for players to actually place bets by themselves online.

Once you’ve processed some action, you can then try the bookie software.

There, the wagering action is displaye; and you can check how.

If the info is easy to understand, it means that such lines service is just what you need for your operation.


Sign up not required for trial period

Now, it’s important to get the Best Sportsbook Software from a PPH Shop that doesn’t require you to sign up to get a trial period.

Actually, not requiring to become a member is the best sign that you’re dealing with a price per head company that offers top solutions.

The reason is because only a Pay per Head shop that offers high-quality products trusts its services so much; that it doesn’t have a problem with allowing others to try them out for free.


Full security

The Best Sportsbook Software is also the one that offers you the most security for your and your players.

In your case, you want a tool that works with encrypted data.

Making it impossible for external sources to have access to it.

You also want to deal with a price per head shop that doesn’t need the personal data of your clients to process their action.

This is because a reputable PPH Shop really doesn’t need that info. In fact, all it needs to process wagers and casino plays for players is a simple user name and password.


As it is clear, your mission as a bookie is to find a Pay per Head company that can offer you the Best Sportsbook Software and other services described above.