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Best Pay per Head Service, Including Sports Bookie Software

Best Pay per Head Service, Including Sports Bookie Software

Best Pay per Head Service, Including Sports Bookie Software


If you’re looking for the best pay per head service that includes the top sports bookie software; this information is just for you.


Best Pay per Head Service: What Includes


Getting the best pay per head service is to have access to a number of exclusive services:


Best Pay per Head Sports Bookie Software

As a top bookmaker, you definitely want to have access to the best pay per head sports bookie software.

And the reason is because competition is fierce amongst local bookies in order to provide sports betting players with the best pay per head service.

This means that counting with the best pay per head sportsbook software solution is really going to serve as the perfect hook to add new clients to your bookmaking and gambling portfolio.

Accessing the best pay per head sports bookie software includes features such as:


Largest wagering menu

Sports betting and horse racing players can never get bored with so many options available to them.

This is exactly the reason why to count with the most extensive wagering menu in the market is so necessary.

Now, don’t forget that people enjoy betting on sports and horses; but they also like to place bets on all sorts of things, if given the opportunity.

So, make sure that the wagering menu you are offered is one that goes beyond what’s required. If it doesn’t go the extra mile on this sense, even by offering things such as in-game betting, it’s just not the right choice.


Very User Friendly / Customizable

You also want this best pay per head sports bookie software to be as user-friendly as possible.

The least that you want is to get bookmaking software that is going to take you a considerable amount of time to learn.

In other words, you want sports bookie software that has a small learning curve.


Fully Mobile

If you are not being offered the full mobile experience, don’t bother.

The reason is because nowadays players are habituated to access online sportsbooks and casinos using their phones or other mobile devices.

So, the mobile experience must be good for you and clients. This means that as a top bookmaker, you must be able to run your wagering and gambling operation without a problem from any where in the world, at any time.

And, your sports betting and casino players must be able to place their bets or get their casino action also from any place they desire to do so using their androids, iphones, or tablets.


Offshore Call Center

You want to work with the best pay per head service provider that is located offshore. And, there are 3 main reasons for this:


Lower Overhead Costs

By operating overseas, a price per head shop is able to hire the same type of native skilled, experienced workers without getting financially hurt.

Packing an offshore office with everything that it needs to provide the best pay per head service is also lower in overall cost.


Better Technology

Again, by saving in overhead costs a price per head shop is able to improve its offer to sports betting agents. And, this includes better technology.

If you’re wondering if you’re dealing with the best pay per head sportsbook in relationship with its offshore call center, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they really have the required expertise?
  • What is the kind of support me and my sports betting clients can expect from them?

Finding a positive answer for the above questions means that you’re definitely in the right track.


Native, Multilingual Speakers

Sports betting players are more demanding everyday. And this includes to get native speakers on the phone.

For this reason, the price per head shop of your choice must be able to connect your clients with clerks that speak their language at a native level.

And, you also need to make sure that wagering services are offered in not just one; but in a variety of native languages.

The more, the better, but spanish and chinese are the two extra languages, apart from english, that you should be looking for.


Your Own 800 Number

The best pay per head service, in terms of call center, also includes a custom 800 number.

This means that you are getting a toll free number that ONLY your clients are going to use.

Needless to say, this is definitely the next step when it comes to personalization.


Online Betting

Apart from call center services, the other best pay per head service you should look for is online betting.

You want your sports betting players to count with the best web betting experience.

And this means to provide them with a custom website, packed with the largest wagering menu; and accessible using just a user name and password.

In other words, you want your wagerers’ experience to be secure, private, and enriching.



The best pay per head service package must also include the option of integrating casino games to your wagering operation.

A casino solution can really turn into a game-changer for your business.

This is because it will allow you to continue to make money when sports betting and horses action is slow.

However, if you know how to run this part of the business well, it can even turn into your main business in the future!

Why? Well because the casino games market is a bit more open than that of sports betting.

Meaning that, for example, there’s more people interested in playing some black jack than in placing a bet on the NBA’s regular season games.

With that said, taking the casino operation part of the business to the next level will depend entirely up to you and your needs as as a top bookmaker.


As you can see, there are a few things you should pay attention to when looking for the top price per head shop out there.

And, if the sports bookie software provider you’re dealing with offers you all the services mentioned above; then chances are that you’re dealing with the best pay per head company.