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Best Bookie Software And Amazing Pay per Head Player Tools

Best Bookie Software And Amazing Pay per Head Player Tools

Best Bookie Software And Amazing Pay per Head Player Tools


Most experts agree that the Best Bookie Software is provided by a top Costa Rica PPH shop…

So, if you really want to get the best value for your cash, you should sign up with one of these offshore pay per head services providers.

And when you do, here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Best Bookie Software
  • Wagering And Gambling Website
  • Access To An Offshore Call Center


The Best Bookie Software

The Best Bookie Software will allow you to manage your bookmaking operation seamlessly…

This is because this sportsbook software comes with all the features you may possibly need to run everything like a professional; and most importantly, to run your business effortlessly…

And all you need to do to get access to this outstanding tool is to pay a weekly fee; which also includes the solutions intended for your players.

Now, you want a tool that’s fully mobile and that requires no downloads.

And the reason is because as a bookmaking agent, you’re constantly on the go.

So, you need a tool that can always be available so you can check how your operation is performing at any given time.

And if you want this type of high-quality, affordable sports betting software, you should sign up with a pay per head company from Costa Rica.

This is because this is where the top PPH companies in the world are located.

So, by signing up with one of these companies, you will definitely get the most bang for your buck.

Now, when you get the Best Bookie Software, you will get ALL THE FREEDOM YOU WANT!

The reason is because the PPH Shop gives your players the tools they need to wager and gamble.

And that means that your only job is to manage everything properly and get new clients!

That’s right, you can use your freedom to enjoy life; but you can also use some of that free time to close deals and add more players to your portfolio on a regular basis!

If you do so, you’ll be counting your amazing profits in no time.

Now, these are the features related to the Best Bookie Software:

  • Great agent reports
  • Edit player accounts
  • Manage wagering lines
  • Manage sub-agents


Great agent reports

This is a tool that comes with great reports that are easy to understand.

And most importantly, these reports shows you FRESH INFORMATION.

This means that when you check the info on your screen, you’re seeing LIVE DATA, the most recent wagers; no exceptions.

And needless to say, this is the kind of information you want to count with because that data can truly help you to take the best decisions for your business.


Edit player accounts

You can also edit the accounts of your players at will.

This means that you can do things like increasing or decreasing wagering limits.

And you can also set credit balances according to your particular deals with each client.


Manage wagering lines

Although the lines provided by the pay per head shop are great, you may want to edit your own lines from time to time.

And this is a feature you can count with if you sign up with the right PPH Shop from Costa Rica.


Manage sub-agents

Now, if you’re an agent with expansion plans, you can also use this tool to manage your sub-agents.

You can let your agents have access to the Best Bookie Software so that you can check all of their data soon after.


Wagering And Gambling Website

Apart from the Best Bookie Software, you also get offshore services for your players, and this includes a fully working sports betting and gaming site.

Now, you can work with the standard site, which your players will share with the players of other bookmakers.

With that said, this is a service that’s intended for agents whom are running small sportsbook operations…

So, if you’re the kind of agent that wants to make it to the top and be one of the most profitable bookies out there; you definitely need a personalized site.

For this site, you just need to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE.

And then you’ll get a website where only your own players will be getting their action.

Now, what’s also great about this service is that you get to pick the design and the name of the site!

And needless to say, this is a great tool for your operation; and one that will help you to considerably enhance your brand as a top bookmaker.


Access To An Offshore Call Center

Last but not least, when you get the Best Bookie Software, your players also get access to an offshore call center.

These wagering offices are located in Costa Rica, and the people working there are ready to take care of your customers in the best possible way.

Such individuals include experienced floor managers, skilled sports betting clerks, customer service reps, and website developers.

Now, this is a service that includes your own 1-800 number!

This means that your players can place all the wagers they want, and last for as long as necessary; and they will never be charged a single cent for it.

And just like a personalized website, your own 1-800 number is another tool that will help you to establish yourself as the top agent in your area…

Now, when your players call, they have the option of talking to a pro sports or horses clerk.

This means that a top PPH Shop from Costa Rica counts with separate departments for sports betting and horse racing.

And doubtlessly, counting with specialized departments is definitely a feature your players will be very grateful about…

Another feature that stands out is that these wagering clerks are multilingual.

This means that you can sign up new clients that speak a different language other than English, such as Chinese, or even Spanish!


As you can see, to get the best PPH services you definitely need to get in touch with a top Costa Rica pay per head company; and that way you’ll get access to the best tools for your players and the Best Bookie Software for you…