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Becoming a Bookmaker Using Offshore Pay per Head Services

Becoming a Bookmaker Using Offshore Pay per Head Services

Becoming a Bookmaker Using Offshore Pay per Head Services


Becoming a Bookmaker is easy with pay per head services.

If you want good results, and little effort on your part, these offshore services are for you.

And all you need to do is to contact a sportsbook software provider from Costa Rica, that’s it!


Becoming a Bookmaker: The Services

Information on Becoming a Bookmaker starts with the services you get:

  • Your own sports betting and casino website
  • Access to call center for your players
  • And bookie software to manage the full operation


Your own sports betting and casino website

Becoming a Bookmaker with the help of pay per head solutions means that you’ll get your own website; where your players can get their action all by themselves.

This is a site that you can share with other agents, or you can get a personal website, only for your clients.

The site that you share with other bookmaking agents is the standard version, the one you get when you sign up the with PPH Shop.

This website is great, and your customers will definitely enjoy the experience.

But, you can choose to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE, and that way you can get your own custom site.

This is a website that will be available only to your own players, and you can pick the design of the site; and also the name, the www…

This last option, the customized site, is recommended; and the reason is because it can help you start building your own name as a professional bookie.

And, if you want to double your profits, you can also get your own online casino.

This casino comes with the most popular games and modern flash designs.

And all you need to do to get it is to request it from the pay per head shop as an extra.

This means that you’ll need to pay an extra fee every week, so that your players can get access to the gambling area of the website.

With that said, this is something your really want to do. And the reason is because you’ll get a lot of extra cash; and so paying the extra fee won’t be a problem at all.


Access to call center for your players

Your players can also get access to a call center where they can get their action with the help of skilled clerks.

Now, if you want the best phone experience for your customers, you should work with a bookie software provider from Costa Rica.

This is because the top PPH Shops in the world are located in this country from Central America.

So, by signing up with one of these sites you can get the best calling service for your players, and you don’t have to pay a lot.

In fact, this is a solution that’s part of the standard services pack from a top PPH Shop.

So, once you sign up, you will get your own toll free number.

This is a number that will be available only to your own players.

This means that they can call as much as they want; and they will never be charged a single penny for it.

Now, this is a service you really want to count with. And that’s because many old school big-time players enjoy the phone experience a lot.

So, if you want to get some long-term loyalty from these players, you need to count with the best possible call center services.


Bookie software to manage the full operation

Becoming a Bookmaker with pay per head services is easier because you get to check all the action using bookie software.

With this tool you can check all the wagers placed by your players. And if you paid the extra for the casino services, you can also check those casino pays.

And all you really need to use this sportsbook software is your cellphone, your tablet or your laptop.

This is because you don’t have to download anything.

Instead, everything is web-based, so if you have access to the internet, you’re good to go.

And, this software is pretty simple to use; so you won’t need to take any kind of training to start using it like a pro.


Becoming a Bookmaker: Learning

Becoming a Bookmaker is also easier if you learn stuff related to your wagering and gambling operation.

For example, you can learn all you can about sports betting, including wagering types, etc.

And you can also learn the names and the current stats of the players of the teams from the top American leagues.

Plus, you can also pick up a few books on sales on Amazon. That way you will find it easier to get people to become your players.


Becoming a Bookmaker: Startup Funds

Now, Becoming a Bookmaker with the help of pay per head services is not enough if you don’t count with the right startup funds.

This is the cash you’ll need at the very beginning of your business.

And you need this money because you need to pay winners!

If you fail to pay those who win, they will not place one more single wager with you.

So, it’s really in your best interest to pay those who win, because at the end you’ll end up with more cash from lost bets.

With that said, once your business starts to pick up, you’ll be able to pay winners out of your own profits.

Here are some ideas of where you can get this cash from:

  • Family members and friends: You can get this cash from someone close to you. Just remember to pay on time in order to keep a healthy relationship with your relative or friend.
  • Investor: You can also get this money from an investor. This can be a person or organization that can give you the cash in exchange for a profit. Or, they can share some of the risk, and give you the money in exchange for a profit, and also a partnership.
  • Bank account: If you have this cash in your bank account, then Becoming a Bookmaker using your own money is definitely the best option because you won’t have to share your profits with anybody.