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Becoming A Bookie With The Best Pay per Head Offshore Services

Becoming A Bookie With The Best Pay per Head Offshore Services

Becoming A Bookie With The Best Pay per Head Offshore Services


Becoming A Bookie is easy when you count with the right pay per head services.

This is because these are the solutions that can really make the difference for your sports betting operation.

Now, agents that are still working the old school way are having a hard time keeping up with modern PPH bookies.

And more and more of the former group are realizing that they should embrace the future and become part of the latter group.

Otherwise they run the risk of losing more clients, and lose their businesses for good.


Becoming A Bookie: Pay per Head Services

So, if Becoming A Bookie is your goal, you definitely want to be part of the group of agents that are running their operations the smart way…

And those agents are the ones that are currently operating with the help of a professional PPH company.

Indeed, if you want to start your bookmaking business with the right foot, you should contact a top Costa Rica pay per head company, and get yourself the following offshore services:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Access to an offshore call center


Sportsbook software

Becoming A Bookie nowadays it’s almost impossible without the right sportsbook software.

The reason is because this is the tool that allows you as a top bookmaking agent to manage your operation flawlessly.

And most importantly… Effortlessly!

Yes, and that’s because you don’t have to keep up with the current activities of your players.

Instead, you can just grab your favorite smart device, such as your cellphone; login to the PPH website, and check all the action of your players.

In other words: the pay per head company process all the wagers for your operation, and then you can just sit down, relax, and see how your profits grow…

Now, these are the features related to this outstanding service:

  • More than 15 agent reports
  • Full control over your operation
  • Wagering lines management


More than 15 agent reports

Becoming A Bookie with these reports will be more than easy for you.

The reason is because these agent reports offers you outstanding information related to how well your operation is performing versus your players.

You can check LIVE DATA related to the wagers of your client, see where your operation is doing well; and where the flaws to be corrected are.

And doing all of this is very simple with this great tool.


Full control over your operation

Becoming A Bookie using this sports betting software means that you’ll get total control over your operation.

This means that you’ll have full access to the accounts of your players; and you’ll be able to do all of the editing you need without any problems at all.

Now, you won’t need any kind of training because this is a very simple tool to work with.

In fact, once you sign up with the right PPH Shop, you’ll be able to start using this tool immediately.

With that said, you can always feel free to contact a customer service representative at the pay per head company; so that you can get all the assistance you may possibly need at any given time.


Wagering lines management

Becoming A Bookie with pay per head solutions also means that you’ll have the chance of managing the lines provided by the PPH Shop.

You can edit any available line, for one or for all of your players; and you can even create your own wagering lines.

With that said, such lines are great the way they are delivered to your players.

This means that you shouldn’t need to do any editing if you don’t want to.

But just having the option of doing so is a confirmation that you’re dealing with a top PPH company.


Sports betting and gaming website

Becoming A Bookie with the help of a PPH Shop also means that your players will get their own tools.

They can use these tools to get their action all by themselves, and the main of these solutions is a wagering and gambling site.

This is a website where your players can place bets or play online casino games in a very easy way.

All they need is to get access to the internet, login to the PPH website with a user name and password; and get their action.

Now, what’s great about this service is that you have two options to choose from:

  • Working with the standard PPH website


Working with the standard PPH website

This is a great option if you’re the kind of agent that’s running a small operation.

If this is your current situation, and you don’t want your operation to grow beyond it’s current size, then

this is definitely your best option.

On the other hand, if you want to grow your operation, a better choice is…



Becoming A Bookie using a personalized pay per head website is what you need if you want to grow a large wagering and gambling business.

This is a site that’s going to be available only for your own players. And this is definitely a factor that can help you enhance your image as a top bookmaker in your area.

Plus, you can pick the design of the site, and also its name.

And all you need to do to get this website is to pay a one-time extra fee.

Once you do, the PPH developing team will contact you to figure out how you want the site to look and feel.


Access to an offshore call center

Becoming A Bookie with pay per head also allows your players to count with a calling service.

This means that they get access to an offshore call center where they can get their action with the help of professional clerks.

And what’s great about this solution is that you get your own 1-800 number!

This is a number that only your players will be using. And they can dial all they want, charge-free, 24-7, 365 days a year!


So, if Becoming A Bookie is what you want, contact a top pay per head company, and get a trial period now!