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A Bookie's Tale

A Bookie’s Tale

A Bookie's Tale

Jason was a college student who was in need of making cash, and one day, the perfect opportunity arrived when a friend asked him if he knew about gambling because he needed a partner to help him to take wagers for a group of mutual acquaintances, to what Jason agreed.

One month after the two friends started to work together, they heard of pay per head services but only Jason showed some real interest, whilst his friend wasn’t too fond of the idea of somebody else handling his business, and at this point, they split and each one started to run their own wagering operation, with Jason opting for acquiring the solutions of a superior pph shop and his friend choosing to do things the old school way and hired his own employees and paid for overhead costs.

A year later, Jason became a very successful entrepreneur thanks to the help of the price per head company he chose to assist him, while his friend’s business was about to collapse due to the ongoing decrease of capital he was witnessing as he simply could not handle the wagering volume he needed to process in order to make good profits and was losing clients due to poor client attention solutions he was providing.

Jason instead, was making good money and had a lot of free time, which he used to go out and get more clients since he felt quite confident about the high-quality services he was able to deliver, and also knew that new customers would all be satisfied about him being the one they chose to take their wagering action.

After making things hard and complicated for himself, Jason’s friend also decided to give price per head services a try, and since then, his business also started to flourish steadily, which allowed him to shut down the expensive call center he was running onshore since he witnessed how pleased his old clients were with the new solutions he was providing them.

These two guys are just two of the many success stories you will find out there which are related to price per head shops and the considerable difference they make concerning how bookies can run their businesses, and if you are amongst those whom haven’t integrated pph solutions to your betting operation, we invite you to give us call for free at 1-877-774-0999 and allow us to explain you more about what we can do for you and get you started within minutes.

Andrew Thomas is a sports and gambling writer with years of experience in both fields. Andrew writes articles which are focused on the betting industry, hoping that they will be of help for those whom are looking to make a living out of the price per head industry.

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