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Best Pay Per Head Software And Amazing Services For Players

Best Pay Per Head Software And Amazing Services For Players

Best Pay Per Head Software And Amazing Services For Players

Are you a bookie who’s in need of the Best Pay Per Head Software?

If that’s the case, read on to verify what are the benefits and features you should be looking for…


Best Pay Per Head Software Benefits

Now, here’s a sum up of the benefits you can find when you get the Best Pay Per Head Software:

Never take a manual bet again: You won’t need to take manual bets at all. And the reason is because players will be able to get their action by themselves. And all you need to do is to check how well your operation is working using the sportsbook software offered by the PPH Shop.

Full security and protection: This bookie software will also allow you to count with full protection against wiseguy action. And because the PPH Shop doesn’t require the personal names of your clients.

Full control over your operation: The Best Pay Per Head Software will also give you full control over your bookmaking business. You’ll be able to open or close accounts within seconds. And you can also set all sorts of wagering and gambling limits; so that you can always keep a healthy edge over your players.


Best Pay Per Head Software: Top Features

Now, these are the features related to the Best Pay Per Head Software:

  • Full wagering and gambling for players
  • Sportsbook software to manage everything


Best Pay Per Head Software: Full wagering and gambling for players

When you sign up with the right PPH offshore services provider, your players will get access to the tools they need to get their wagers all by themselves.

And if that wasn’t enough, your clients can also gamble, because you can get a full online casino from the PPH Shop.

Now, when you start doing business with a PPH Shop, your players will only get access to the sports betting area of the site.

Then, if you want them to have access to the gambling area, you need to get the online casino service.

And that is a solution that you can easily get by paying an extra weekly fee.

With that said, getting the two services is actually how regular agents turn into top bookmakers in their areas.

And the reason is because most players prefer to get both their sports betting and gaming action from the same source.

And if you fail to offer a good casino solution, chances are that your players will feel more attracted by doing business with an agent that does offer them this service.

Now, this is a fully mobile service which requires no downloads.

And all your players will need to get their action is a simple user name and password.

This means that the PPH company really doesn’t require the personal data of your clients.

So, this is great because your players will love the idea of getting their action online without having to compromise their personal info in the process.


Best Pay Per Head Software: Standard And Customized Websites

Now, when you sign to get these pay per head services, you’ll be asked if you want to work with a standard, or a customized site.

The standard site is the official site for the PPH company.

This means that many players get their action here; but these are clients of agents whom are running small operations.

So, if you’re an agent that’s running a small betting business; chances are that this is the perfect service for your needs.

However, if you’re looking to expand your business without limits; chances are that you could use a customized site.

This is a site that you can personalize using your favorite name and design.

In other words: This is going to be YOUR OWN WEBSITE; which only your clients can access.

And needless to say, this is a tool you definitely want to count with because it will allow you to enhance your image as a top agent in a big way.


Best Pay Per Head Software: Call Center Access

Now, apart from a full website and the Best Pay Per Head Software; there’s another amazing service that’s offered by a top PPH company: access to a call center.

And if you really want this particular service to be of the highest quality; you should consider working with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

The reason is because this is the country where the top sports betting and gambling companies in the world are located.

And that’s because this is a place where this industry has been flourishing for decades.

So, this means that this is the country with the most industry professionals; both locals and expats included.

And one of the greatest advantages is the fact that your players will be getting their action with native speakers.

Not only English-speaking clerks, but multilingual ones.

Meaning that you can offer your services not only to people that speak English; but also to those that speak Chinese and Spanish.

Now, this is a service that works with a toll free number.

And what’s great about this feature is that every single agent get his own private 1-800 number.

This means that you, the agent, will get a free number that is going to be available only for your own clients.

And this is amazing because it means that you count with another great tool that can enhance your image as bookie.

And of course, it’s also amazing because your players can get their action all the time, and without paying a single cent for it.


Best Pay Per Head Software: The Trial Period You’ll Definitely Need

Last but not least, you want to get a trial period to test all the PPH solutions.

Now, if you get this trial without having to ask for it; then it means that you’re on the right path.

So, get this trial, and the the Best Pay Per Head Software and the other PPH services to make sure that you’re working with the top PPH provider…