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Sportsbook Pay per Head Services for Top Bookmaking Agents

Sportsbook Pay per Head Services for Top Bookmaking Agents

Sportsbook Pay per Head Services for Top Bookmaking Agents


A Sportsbook Pay per Head solution it’s just what you need to become a successful bookmaker.

You want to get these offshore services because they allow you to run everything without any problems at all.

In other words: you get all the tools you need, allowing you to become profitable in an effortless way…

Now, here are the solutions offered by a top pay per head company:

  • Sportsbook Pay per Head Software
  • Wagering and Gambling Website
  • Call Center Access


Sportsbook Pay per Head Software

This is the bookie software that allows you to run your operation easily.

It comes with all the features you need to give you an edge over your players.

This includes excellent agent reports, which are easy to read and understand.

And what’s great about these reports is that they offer you live data.

This means that all the information displayed is completely accurate as it’s refreshed in a matter of seconds.

This sportsbook software also shows you information on wiseguy action.

So, for example, when the pay per head shop notices any unwanted action on your bookmaking portfolio; you will be immediately notified about it.

This allows you to take the best decisions for your sports betting and gaming operation.

And this is a tool that’s fully web-based, which means that all you need to do is to grab your smartphone, and check all the data, from anywhere, at any time…


Wagering and Gambling Website

This is also a Sportsbook Pay per Head service that’s completely available online.

So, your players don’t need to download anything.

Instead, just like you, all they need is to have access to a smart device such as a cellphone, laptop or tablet…

Then, they just need to login into the pay per head site, and place all the bets they want.

Now, there are two versions of this website:

  • Personalized
  • Standard



This is a website that comes with customized features. For example, you get to pick the design and the name of the site.

But what really makes this option different is that this is a site only for your own players.

This means that you get your own personal site, avoiding the hassle of paying for things like hosting, etc…

And all you need to do to get it is to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE…

After you pay, a PPH representative will get your info on how you want the site to look; so the PPH development team can start working on it immediately.

Indeed, experts agree that this is the kind of status symbol that can set you apart, and give you the edge over other agents…



A standard version is also available, and players won’t notice the difference between this and the personalized site.

The only difference is that you get to share this site with many other bookies and their players.

In other words: this is the standard pay per head site, and also the most affordable option of the two.

So, if you’re a bookie who’s running a small operation, this seems like the perfect choice for your operation.


Call Center Access

Your players also get access to the Sportsbook Pay per Head calling service.

This is a solution that is provided by skilled wagering clerks, working from a modern call center located in Costa Rica.

This phone service pack includes a personalized 1-800 number, which is going to be available only to your own players.

In other words: working with a PPH Shop means that you get a customized website, and a personal 1-800 number…

This is really an authentic, unique opportunity for agents like you…

And the reason is because you’re able to enhance your image, to create your own brand.

And the goal of that positive image is to attract new clients easily.

So, with these personalized tools, you can really create a very profitable long-term business.


Reports and Wiseguy Red Flags

Now, the call center solution from a top PPH company also includes a number of incredibly useful and easy-to-use reports.

These reports shows you all the activity of your clients, past and present.

And what’s great about it is that such info is offered in real time.

This means that you’ll be able to take split-second decisions that can save you, or make you more cash.

You’ll also get red flag reports related to wiseguy action!

This is amazing, and the reason is because you’ll be able to remove unwanted players; allowing you to work only with profitable clients…


Sportsbook Pay per Head and Racebook

Another advantage of working with a PPH Shop is that you get access not only to Sportsbook Pay per head solutions, but also to racebook services.

This means that your players can place bets on sports and also on horse racing events.

And if you’re working with a top PPH company, then your players can contact separate sports and horses departments.

Experienced clerks will then provide them with a a personalized, fast, and efficient service…


What If You Don’t Use Sportsbook Pay per Head Services

Now, if you don’t work with Sportsbook Pay per Head solutions, these can be the consequences:

  • Taking Wagers Yourself
  • Processing the Action


Taking Wagers Yourself

Processinall the wagers yourself, all the time…. That is going to be your day-to-day scenario…

Needless to say, this can turn into a very tiresome routine, which you can easily avoid…


Processing the Action

Once the games are over, you’ll also need to process all the action by yourself.

This means that you’ll need to grade bet by bet, and then get in touch with your players to inform them of the results.

But, a Sportsbook Pay per Head solution can help you avoid that scenario…

This is because your players are able to check out the results of their wagers by loginĀ  into their online accounts; or by contacting the PPH call center…


So, if you really want to become a top bookmaker, contact a top PPH company from Costa Rica now, and get the best Sportsbook Pay per Head services…