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How to Become a Bookmaker in 3 Easy Steps with Pay per Head

How to Become a Bookmaker in 3 Easy Steps with Pay per Head

How to Become a Bookmaker in 3 Easy Steps with Pay per Head


If you want to learn How to Become a Bookmaker, you can start by getting familiar with pay per head solutions.

This is because PPH offshore services include everything a bookmaking agent may possibly need to become successful.


How to Become a Bookmaker: The Steps

Learning How to Become a Bookmaker involves just a few steps. And if done right, you can start a sports betting and gaming operation easily, and in no time at all.


First Step: Get the Cash

In order to start a wagering and gambling operation, the very first step is to get the startup cash.

If you can use your own bank savings to get started, then this is the way to go.

This is because when you use your own money, you don’t have to pay any investors; which means that all the profits are yours.

On the other hand, if you don’t count with this cash, you’ll need to get it for a different source. And, a good place to start is asking family members or friends.

Now, asking for cash to someone from a close circle is good and bad. It’s good because you know the source, and that familiarity can help you get the money faster.

However, if for some reason you aren’t able to find the cash to pay back the cash you got; this may or may lead to a bad relationship with the family member or friend.

With that said, it’s important that you start your sports betting and gaming operation with the right foot; and always pay your business debts. Including players, and / or investors.

Another great source to get the cash you need is a business investor. These are individuals that can lend you the money in exchange for something.

There are two types of investors:

  • Those that can give you the cash you need just for a profit.
  • Those that are looking for not just a profit, but also a partnership.

So, when looking for an investor for your wagering and gambling operation; make sure that you and the investor are both on the same page about what is it that the other wants.

And, if possible, making it legal by involving a lawyer in the transaction.


Second step: Get Pay per Head Services

The second step to take when learning How to Become a Bookmaker is to get pay per head services.

These are solutions that are going to allow you to offer your players all they need to get their action without a problem.

And it will allow you, as a top bookmaker; to count with the data management tool you need to take care of everything with ease.

These pay per head services you can get them from an offshore price per head shop, and include:

  • Sportsbook software for the bookie
  • Web betting and call center access for players


Sportsbook software for the bookie

The sportsbook software the bookie gets is the main tool the agent is going to be using.

This is a data management tool that is crucial to run the business; so if you really want to learn How to Become a Bookmaker, you can start by learning as much as possible about it.

We can start by telling you that the best bookie software is not necessarily the most expensive one.

What you want to get is a combination of good bookmaking software; and a price that is affordable to your pocket.

You also want this bookie software to contain as many reports as possible.

And such reports must also be customizable to allow you to check only the information you need.

This bookie software must also provide you live data.

This means that you want the information that appears on your screen to reflect the latest action by your players.

Another feature related to sportsbook software is security. You want this data management tool to be as secure as possible.

So, when looking for the right PPH Shop; make sure that the bookie software they offer you is fully reliable in this particular sense.


Web betting and call center access for players

Learning How to Become a Bookmaker also involves to learn about the web betting and call center services players receive.


Web Betting

This is probably the tool that is going to allow the bookie to make the most cash. And the reason for this is because web betting is very popular among players.

Particularly because this is a wagering method that is very private; and also very convenient in terms of mobility.

In other words, web betting is favored by players because they can get their action by themselves; and from anywhere.

With that said, when looking for pay per head services, make sure that the web betting solution they offer you is fully mobile.

This means that players won’t have any kind of problems when accessing the wagering website using their mobile phones.

This web betting solution must also include a very complete wagering menu.

This is because you want your players to always have something interesting to bet on. Even during low season.


Call Center

This is a feature that complements web betting perfectly. This is because many players really enjoy the personalized attention that is offered over the phone.

So, it’s important that you sign up with a price per head shop that is located offshore; because this means that its call center is modern, and packed with the right personnel.


Third Step: Market Your Business

Once you’ve obtained the cash you need, and have signed up for pay per head services; the next step in the process of learning How to Become a Bookmaker is to market your business.

You can start by telling your friends and family members about it.

This way, they can start spreading the word around; and this simple method can bring your first set of clients.

Then, you can expand outside your close circle, in order to start marketing your operation on places where sports bettors and gamblers get together.

This includes bars, sports venues, and even your local casino.


You won’t have a problem learning How to Become a Bookmaker if you follow these 3 simple, easy steps.