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Pay Per Head Bookie Service: Tips for Choosing the Right One

Pay Per Head Bookie Service: Tips for Choosing the Right One

Pay Per Head Bookie Service: Tips for Choosing the Right One


A Pay Per Head Bookie Service is necessary to become successful with a sports betting and gaming business.

Without it, it is impossible for a bookmaking and gambling agent to be competitive. Especially against the large online sportsbooks and casinos.


Pay Per Head Bookie Service: Choosing the Right Provider

To count with the best Pay Per Head Bookie Service means that you need to pick the right price per head shop.

Preferably, you want to work with a PPH shop that offers offshore services.

In other words, the best price per head shops are the ones that are located overseas.

This is because they count with everything a bookmaking agent may need to run a successful wagering and gambling operation.

What A Pay Per Head Bookie Service Should Include:

If you really want a high-quality Pay Per Head Bookie Service, make sure it includes the following:


Access to Call Center

As a rule of thumb, a good PPH sportsbook services package must include access to a call center.

Even though we are in the middle of a technological era, where many bets are placed online; the truth is that phone betting remains largely popular.

And for this reason, bookies should ask for this top Pay Per Head Bookie Service when they sign up with their favorite PPH bookmaking and gambling company.

This call center Pay Per Head Bookie Service must include multilingual solutions.

This means that the price per head shop should be able to provide its phone betting services in more than one language.

Ideally, multilingual services should include:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish

English is, of course, the language that’s spoken by the majority of bettors worldwide. So, this is definitely the number one language on the list.

Then, you also want to count with Chinese-speaking personnel that can help you expand your business to this important market.

And, there is also a lot of sports betting activity going on in countries where Spanish is the first language.

And such activity is mostly related to soccer. So, if you want; you can also expand your business even further in order to market your wagering and gambling solutions to Spanish-speaking prospects.


Sportsbook Software

It is also fundamental that your Pay Per Head Bookie Service of choice to include the best possible sportsbook software.

You really want to avoid dealing with a price per head shop that is offering you low quality bookie software.

The reason for this is because this data management tool should act as the backbone of your business.

And, if you acquire a product that is essentially poor in quality, your business will get hurt.

That is a scenario that you should avoid.

And doing so is actually not difficult at all. In fact, all you need to do is to ask for a free bookmaking software demo.

Or, if possible, you can request the trial period that most reputable PPH shops include with their Pay Per Head Bookie Service.

This means that as soon as you find a price per head shop that you like; you can immediately request to try their bookie software for free.

This allows you to test out their bookie reports, and anything and everything related to this outstanding tool.

Then, at the end of the trial period, if you feel satisfied with the Pay Per Head Bookie Service you received; you can just continue to use all the solutions from the PPH shop by paying a weekly price per head fee.

In fact, if a PPH shop offers a trial period of at least two weeks is because they trust their products.

And that is a great indication that you as a bookie can get access to tools and services that can really make a difference.


Online Betting

This is actually the most relevant Pay Per Head Bookie Service.

The reason for this is because nowadays most of the wagering activity takes place online.

So, counting with an optimal online sports betting solution is just what a bookmaking agent needs to acquire success.

On the other hand, when a bookie dismisses this Pay Per Head Bookie Service; he’s just not going to be able of competing against the large online sportsbooks.

A top bookmaker can even ask the price per head shop to include a custom website.

This means that the clients of the bookie are the only ones whom are going to be accessing such site.

A custom website includes both the domain name, and the design.

So, a bookie can choose an address such as; and also the colors and the layout of the site.

This is not only nice to have, but it also serves as an outstanding marketing tool for the bookmaking agent; allowing him to approach clients with his own personal wagering site.


Casino Games

And, in order to complete the perfect Pay Per Head Bookie Service, a PPH pack must also include casino games.

Sports bettors definitely enjoy playing casino games such as PPH Poker.

So this should be a must-have Pay Per Head Bookie Service for a bookmaking agent to count with.

If a sports betting agent passes on this important solution; chances are that his players are going to get their online casino action somewhere else.

That means that the top bookmaker is actually losing such important source of easy profits.

And most importantly, it is also running the risk of losing his players because the latter can opt for betting with a different bookmaking agent that does offer casino games.


Good Support

Last but not least, the best Pay Per Head Bookie Service must also include good support for both the bookie and players.

After all, when the player of a given bookie calls in to get information on his account, for example; the person on the other side of the phone is acting as the image of the bookie’s business.

This means that if the player gets positively impacted with the support call; he will continue to play with the bookie.

And will also spread the positive word of mouth about such a great Pay Per Head Bookie Service.