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Pay per Head Bookie: Life of the Modern Sports Betting Agent

Pay per Head Bookie: Life of the Modern Sports Betting Agent

Pay per Head Bookie: Life of the Modern Sports Betting Agent


A modern Pay per Head bookie is a sports betting entrepreneur that realized something very important:

Making money with a bookmaking and casino offshore services business could be effortless.

And the main reason is that set of outstanding data management tools known as Pay per Head services.

With that said, the bookie still needs to apply himself to get as many clients as possible.

But, with the information management area fully covered; marketing himself and getting new sports bettors and gamblers can become an enjoyable routine.


Pay per Head Bookie Business Stages


Although this is very subjective, here are some of the stages a Pay per Head bookie may follow from bottom to top:


Bookie Funds

Without cash, the Pay per Head bookie won’t be able to start his wagering and gambling operation.

The bookmaking agent needs these funds because he must be able to pay his clients in case they win.

Now, if the sports betting agent counts with the startup cash; then this is the best scenario.

On the other hand, the bookmaker can opt for getting the money from:

  • A friend or family member: This is a good option. But make sure to pay up on time; or this favor can actually lead to the deterioration of your relationship with the other person.
  • Investor: Your second choice, if you don’t want to mix business with personal life, is to get the funds from an investor. This person can give you the cash you need in exchange for an extra percentage; or the investor may want a part of the business, or a periodically cut of the bookmaker’s earnings.

Whatever the option, what’s important for the Pay per Head bookie is to secure the necessary funds that can serve as a solid base for his sports betting business.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur that wants to start a bookmaking career, make sure you have the cash you need; or wait until you get it to actually take the first step.


Getting Started

A Pay per Head bookie software entrepreneur usually starts small. It is not uncommon that the first clients of a modern sportbook agent are his friends and family.

Then, this circle starts expanding organically, as the friends of friends, and extended family members; join the bookmaking portfolio of the sports betting agent.

This is usually the stage where the Pay per Head bookie may, or may not yet be working with a good sportsbook software solution.

If the sports betting agent starts working with an offshore PPH shop even before he gets his first client (friend or family member included); his chances of making it to the top are very high.

The reason is because those that have placed wagers with him already know that the Pay per Head bookie is able to offer call center and mobile betting; including casino games.

This is quite advantageous; mainly because it allows the business of the Pay per Head bookie to promote itself by positive word of mouth.


Business Growth

Once the sports betting business of the Pay per Head bookie becomes popular locally; more and more players are going to knock on the bookmaking agent’s door.

This is quite good, and in fact, it is one of the top goals of any wagering and gambling agent out there.

However, if the Pay per Head bookie really wants to grow, he needs to see beyond local players; and expand to other territories.


Working with Sub-Agents

Expanding is easier when the Pay per Head Bookie works with sports betting sub-agents.

These are other bookmakers that act as local representatives of the Pay per Head bookie in other territories; including national, and international ones.

Sub-agents can work:

  • For a commission: The sub-agent is paid a commission for each new player he recruits. And, he may also receive a cut of the monthly losses of the players he managed to recruit.
  • As direct employees, getting a monthly salary: The Pay per Head bookie can also hire the sub-agent as part of his direct staff. This means that no matter how much business the sub-agent brings to the bookmaker, he gets the exact same salary every month.
  • As partners: This scenario takes place when a top bookmaker partners with another top bookmaker to share players, profits, and risk.

Hiring sub-agents is a very subjective task for the Pay per Head bookie. This is because circumstances are different for each bookmaker.

For example, a sports betting agent can hire a family member thats lives in a different region or country as a sub-agent.

Or, it may also be the case that the Pay per Head bookie prefers to hire a professional, experienced bookmaker; to represent him.


Personal Staff

Although the PPH shop provides the Pay per Head bookie with wagering clerks and client attention personnel for his clients; the bookmaker still needs to hire some direct staff of his own.

This includes:

  • An accountant: This is a professional that the bookmaker really needs as part of his team. The sports betting agent can decide to hire an accountant full time, part time, or periodically. This is very subjective; and what’s really important is for the Pay per Head bookie to work with accurate figures.
  • A personal assistant: This is someone that is hired to assist with the stuff that needs to be done; but that the bookmaker can actually delegate.
  • Sub-Agents: As stated above, the bookmaking agent can hire sub-agents to expand beyond his local domains; and, one of the alternatives is to hire these individuals as full time employees.


Personal Life

Working with a price per head shop allows a sports betting agent to manage his business successfully, and enjoying a lot of free time simultaneously.

This means that a Pay per Head bookie can take care of his wagering and gambling operation; while still spending a lot of time with friends and family; or simply dedicating that time to non-business activities.

Pay per Head Bookmaking: Sports Betting Services to Grow

Pay per Head Bookmaking: Sports Betting Services to Grow

Pay per Head Bookmaking: Sports Betting Services to Grow


In order to make it as a sports betting agent, you definitely need top Pay per Head bookmaking services.

Things are definitely different nowadays. Bettors are more demanding; and if they don’t get what they want, they know there are many alternatives to choose from.#


Pay per Head Bookmaking: Services to Support your Growth


Without Pay per Head bookmaking services of a high quality, it is doubtlessly very difficult to grow.

On the other hand, when a sports betting agent uses these offshore services; he has all the advantages to compete at the highest level.

Here are the reasons why:


Access to Web Betting

Nowadays, counting with a calling service is not enough for a bookie to remain competitive.

The reason is because players are now used to get most of their wagering and casino action using their mobile devices.

Whether they use their android device, iPhone, or tablet; bettors definitely feel more comfortable with the privacy this Pay per Head bookmaking solution grants them.

That is precisely why sports betting agents must make use of this service part of their main business tools kit.

The bookie can use a generic website for his players to place bets. Or, as an extra, he can request the Pay per Head bookmaking company to create a custom website (including domain name and design) so it can be exclusively used by his players.

Indeed, personalized solutions is a factor that enhances a wagering and gaming operation greatly.


Call Center

Web services are the number one priority for a modern wagering agent; however, to count with call center offshore services also remains part of a winning strategy.

The reason is because there are times when sports bettors are unable to place bets using their mobiles; and so they must be able to call in for their action.

Otherwise, they will miss the opportunity of placing the wagers they wanted; when they wanted, and that can be reason enough to start searching for a different bookie.

Another great factor that is related to an offshore call center is its multilingual service.

This service allows sports betting agents to recruit players that don’t necessarily speak English; and offer them a high-quality wagering solution in their native tongue.


Sportsbook Software

The web and call center Pay per Head bookmaking services are for the player; but the sportsbook software is for the sports betting agent.

This sports bookie software is the data management tool that allows bookmakers to always be on top of their players’ activity; in real time.

With this sportsbook platform, the agent is able to monitor the current action of players in general.

And what’s best, the bookie can keep a close eye on real-time action.

This means that the sports betting agent can see the wagering action as it’s taking place.

This Pay per Head bookmaking service is definitely a great asset for the sports betting agent.

And the reason is because by being able to see real-time action; the bookie can do what’s necessary to continue to have an edge over his players.

It is also important to mention that top wagering software comes with a large variety of reports. These are fully customizable; allowing the sports betting agent to see only the information he wants to see.


Other Benefits

By using this Pay per Head bookmaking software, the agent can also:

  • Move lines at will: The lines personnel at the Pay per Head bookmaking company sets the daily lines for the players. However, the bookie always hasthe option of moving those lines at will if he feels that he can get a better edge over his players this way.
  • Create his own custom lines: This is another great feature. And the reason is because bookies are able to create wagering lines that no other sports betting agent has. Now, the agent can create his custom lines all by himself. Or, he can also request the help of the lines personnel at the Pay per Head bookmaking shop to help him create an even better product.
  • Open or shut down client accounts: A top sportsbook software solution offers complete control in the hands of the agent. Meaning that the bookmaker can take all the decisions he wants to. And this includes opening or closing accounts that are not favoring the interests of the wagering and online casino business.
  • Set limits for all, or for individual players: This is another great asset for the agent to count with. And this is because he needs to be able to set his own limits for new players; to then increase, or even decrease limits depending on the wagering behavior of the customer.

This Pay per Head bookmaking software also allows the sports betting agent to set, and create his own custom-game lines.

Meaning that the bookie is able to offer betting options for a sporting event that is currently taking place.


Casino Solution

In order to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal; find out if the Pay per Head bookmaking company that you want to work with is able to offer you online casino services.

Doubtlessly, the majority of sports bettors enjoy playing casino games just as much as they like placing bets.

This means that the if the bookmaker doesn’t offer a good gaming solution; the player is definitely going to find a bookie that does offer the gambling service.

And, this means that the sports betting agent not only is missing on the opportunity of making more cash; but he also risks losing his clients for good.

In other words: A casino solution allows sports betting agents to increase their profits and promote loyalty.

As you can see, to make it as a bookie in the current gambling industry is necessary to be as prepared as possible.

And, the best way to equip yourself to compete against the large online sportsbooks is to count with a real Pay per Head bookmaking solution that is delivered by a highly respected price per head shop.