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Price per head Services: The Right Solution For your Bookie Needs

Price per head Services: The Right Solution For your Bookie Needs

Price per head Services: The Right Solution For your Bookie Needs


As a top bookmaker, you definitely need to work with price per head services. This will empower your sports betting and gaming operation to compete directly against the top online bookmaking and casino websites.

A pph shop includes call center, website and bookie software solutions for:

  • Sportsbook
  • Horse Betting
  • Casino


Price per head Sportsbook

The price per head sportsbook service you receive from the pay per head services shop includes:

  • Software
  • Access to call center
  • Access to website


Price per head sportsbook software

Of course, nothing works without price per head sportsbook software for bookies. Indeed, everything starts and ends with it.

In order to have success as a top bookmaker these days; you definitely need to integrate bookie software to your wagering and gambling operation.

This is the kind of wagering software that allows you to check on real-time active from sports betting players and casino gamblers.

This way, you know how much you’re current up or down; allowing you to make the strategic moves that can lead you to save cash.

This sportsbook software also allows you to open or close the accounts of players. This means that if you have a player that is not behaving according to your rules and regulations; you can opt for closing the account of the customer yourself at any time.

And, if the same client gets in touch with you and make a deal to return to have some sports betting action, you can simply re-active his account with a couple of clicks. Allowing him access to the call center and the website again.

You can also move any sports betting lines yourself. This means that you have total control over the large sports betting menu that’s included within the bookmaking software.


Price per head sportsbook call center

You definitely need to count with your own price per head sportsbook call center for players.

This way, sports bettors can place their bets when they want to; and from any place they happen to be at the moment.

Professional data processing clerks will take the action of your sports betting players.

And, the pay per head sportsbook records each conversation. This protects the top bookmaker against any possible wagering claims.

The pay per head sportsbook trains clerks very well so they’re able to provide specialized attention to sports bettors.

And what’s best, they can do it in a variety of languages. This allows the top bookmaker to expand his sports betting business to a variety of foreign countries.

You may think that because you’re clients are getting call center services, you may have to pay a lot for it.

But, this is really not the case. The reason is because since the pay per head sportsbook is located offshore, it is able to save money in overhead costs; and this leads to better prices for high quality overall solutions for sports betting players.


Price per head sportsbook website

A price per head sportsbook website for players is also needed. This is because you want to allow your clients to place their bets directly from their computers or personal smart devices.

To count with this pay per head service is paramount to become a bookie with a successful career.

The reason is because sports bettors really enjoy the privacy this particular solution grants them.

Allowing them to place their bets with just a few clicks, and using a simple user and password.

You can get this website as part of the services package from the pay per head sportsbook.

And, you can either use a generic website; where your players will share the same domain name as the players of other sports betting agents.

Or, you can opt for asking the pay per head sportsbook to create a custom website for your players only.

This may cost you a little extra. But it will definitely make your bookmaking and casino service appear more professional and competitive.


Price per Head Horse Betting

Apart from sportsbook services, you also need price per head horse betting call center and website for players.

Plus, you also need price per head horse betting software for bookies.

If you are a sports betting agent, chances are that you also have clients that place bets on horses.

So, if this is the case, you can just ask the people at the pay per head shop to grant your horse betting players direct access to the horses room.

This means that when one of your horse betting players calls in to get some action, the call that’s coming from a special 800 number will be directed straight to the horse betting room.

What you end up with is a customized solution that you just need to set up as part of your deal for pay per head services.

And, let’s not forget that, as part of this package, you also get horse betting software.

In fact, all three kinds of reports: sports betting, horses, and casino, are included within the same bookie software package! And this is done to make it more manageable for sports betting agents.


Price per Head Casino Software

Let’s also not forget about price per head casino software bookies and gambling website for players.

As a top bookmaker, you don’t want to lose cash. Especially when you are good at what you do; but you just can’t get any good action from players because it’s low season.

If this is your case, you can ask for another great extra pay per head service for bookies: Casino games!

When you integrate a variety of casino games to your bookmaking and horse betting operation, you’re perfectly rounding up your circle of services.

And, what’s most important, by having casino games, including pph poker, you can earn money from your current sports betting players when there aren’t many good games on the board.

Also, you can consider expanding this business beyond your current book of sports betting clients.

This will allow you to grow your three businesses as one, thanks to the assistance of a single price per head services shop.

Pay per Head Reviews: Finding the Best Price per Head Shop

Pay per Head Reviews: Finding the Best Price per Head Shop

Pay per Head Reviews: Finding the Best Price per Head Shop


Are you a bookie that is looking for pay per head reviews that can lead you to the best price per head shop?

If this is the case, this article can help you figure out what you should be looking for when dealing with a pph services provider.


Pay per Head Reviews: What Makes A PPH Shop the Best Option?


Here are some of the reasons why some price per head shops get the best pay per head reviews:


Their Bookie Software

The Bookie software from a pph shop will tell you, righ off the bat, what kind of overall pay per head service you can expect.

If the sportsbook software is in-house and goes beyond your expectations related to data management; then you’re on the right path.

Make sure that their bookmaking software contains a good variety of reports. You want to be as informed as possible on the activities of your clients.

And you also want to do it in real time. So, you need to get access to the kind of bookie software that is diverse in the way in in which information is presented; and that allows you to check the live activity of players.


They’re Offshore

If you wan’t to do business a pph shop of quality that gets the best pay per head reviews; you definitely need to sign up with an offshore pph shop.

The reason is because by operating overseas, a price per head shop can save a considerable sum in overhead costs.

This includes:

Payroll: Salary wages for data processing clerks, customer service representatives, and other members of a sports betting and gaming services organization are more affordable; without sacrificing quality.

Infrastructure: A well known offshore pph shop counts with its own modern offices; packed with the latest communications technology. This allows the pay per head bookmaking and casino services provider to empower sports betting agents from all over the globe; with the tools they need to compete against the top online sportsbooks.


They Hire the Best Talent

The people behind large price per head shops knows that if they want to get the best pay per head reviews, they need to present their best image. To both the top bookmaker, and to his customers.

For this reason, they make sure to hire only the best possible talent to fulfill all the areas of the sports betting and gaming services organization.



Plus, they count with personnel that can deliver data processing and client attention services in a variety of languages.

This is quite convenient as it allows sports betting agents to expand on their businesses beyond their own language.

For example, a UK bookie that has the opportunity of closing a big deal with a chinese customer, but language can be a barrier: By working with a top pph shop that includes chinese native speakers within their ranks; the Uk top bookmaker can secure a lucrative deal, where everybody gets what is looking for.


Skills, Willingness to Learn

Personnel is also hired based on their current set of skills; and also by their willingness to learn new things directed to offer specialized client attention for sports bettors and gamblers.

Indeed, a top price per head shop will only hire the individuals that are willing to offer their expertise to customers, guided by the policies previously established by the pph shop.

Prospects should also be able to show the people behind the pph shop that they can work as part of a group.

And must also be able to provide a personalized pay per head service while always being objective and direct.


They offer Custom Services

When it comes to bookmaking services, the more customizable, the better. In fact, custom services is a factor that can get pph shops the best pay per head reviews.

This includes:

  • Customizable data management: The right pph shop will provide you the full custom bookie software experience.
  • Custom 800 number: When you sign up with a good pph shop, you will get your own 800 number. This allows your sports bettors to call a customized number. This is a free pay per head service for the clients of the sports betting agents; and it’s included within the package of price per head sportsbook services.
  • Mobile Betting and Casino Experience: You should also be able to offer only the bet types and casino games you want to display for your clients. And you must also be able to offer certain games or betting types for some players; and not for others.
  • Custom domain name: Ideally, a top price per head shop should also be able to offer you a deal that includes a personalized domain name. Which sports betting players and gamblers can use to place bets on sports or horses, or play casino games.


Full Support

In order to get the best pay per head reviews, a pph shop should also be able to provide the top bookmaker with full support for its pay per head service.

This means to get support for:

  • The in-house bookmaking software.
  • 24/7 Customer service for clients at the offshore call center.
  • The custom website.
  • General management attention for bookies.

If you aren’t able to get the support that you need, it means that the pph shop you’re dealing with its not willing to go beyond expectations.

And that right there should be a red flag that can allow you to identify the wrong options. Meaning that such price per head shop is only interested in cashing in from its customers; while offering a poor service. And, doubtlessly, to operate like this will lead the pph shop to become bankrupt sooner than later.

As a bookie, dealing with a selfish pph shop is certainly a scenario you don’t want to be part of.


Final Thoughts

So, when searching for the right price per head sportsbook services provider, take the above information into consideration.

If you do so, you will definitely find an offshore data management establishment that can help you grow your operation seamlessly.

And, such pph shop is certainly going to be one that has a great reputation; and that constantly obtains nothing but the best pay per head reviews.