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Pay per Head Sportsbook Bookie: Valuable Tips You Should Know

Pay per Head Sportsbook Bookie: Valuable Tips You Should Know

Pay per Head Sportsbook Bookie: Valuable Tips You Should Know


The biggest problem with a new pay per head sportsbook bookie is that he’s an expert in his field; yet he lacks knowledge on what it really takes to run a sports betting and gaming business correctly.

If you want to attain success with your bookmaking software and pph poker operation, don’t let that happen to you.


Pay per Head Sportsbook Bookie: Tips You Should Consider


The first thing you must do is to accept that there are things you don’t know. And then, you can check the following tips that can help you stay out of hot water:


Make Sure There is Always Cash in the Bank

If you want to avoid failing, you need to make sure that there’s always cash in the bank.

Running out of cash is one of the most common factors why a pay per head sportsbok bookie fails.

For this reason, if you realize that there’s a problem with cash flow or liquidity, don’t take another step on any direction; and instead, focus all of your energies on fixing the situation right away.

In other words: without the necessary funds, you can’t continue to run your sports betting and gaming operation.


Listen to Clients

Your sports betting and pph poker players are your bread and butter!

And it is precisely because of this that you need to listen to what your clients have to say.

This is another reason why many bookie software and casino entrepreneurs fail: because they simply forgot to focus their energies on creating healthy relationships with customers.

And, what’s most important: when you listen to what your clients have to say, this is definitely priceless feedback.

So, when a given customer gives you his opinion on your wagering and gambling business, good or bad, take it with objectivity.

And as soon as you get this critical information, use it as a guide to start improving things right away in favor of your clients.


Learn When To Say “Yes” and “No”

“Yes” and “No” are definitely the two most important words a pay per head sportsbook bookie have at his disposal.

For this reason, it’s important to know when you can say “Yes” to a business proposal; and when to refuse it with a “No”.

To make it clearer, you need to be decisive. When you take a decision, don’t hesitate about it. And accept all the consequences of that “Yes”, or that”No”.

Also, learning when to provide a positive or negative answer means that you’re fully aware of what your bookmaking company does; and are clear about the things it doesn’t do.


Take Responsibility

Sometimes it is easier to find guilty parties when things doesn’t go your way. And this is particularly true of the world of business.

However, most of the time the problem are not the others, but yourself.

So, when things are going well, the first place you need to look for a factual answer is in the mirror.

As soon as you realize that you’re the one that can make the difference, the sooner your bookmaking and pph poker business will start to flourish.


Compensate your Stars

Are you a pay per head sportsbook bookie that’s working with other sports betting agents? If that’s the case, then you should look at these sub-agents as your employees, and compensate them according to how they perform.

You need to be particularly careful with this. And the reason is because you want to keep happy the wagering and gambling agents that are bringing you the most client conversions.

Remember that your price per head software and casino operation is not the only one out there. And your stars can opt for leaving you if they don’t feel that they are being treated the way the believe they deserve to be treated.

Also, take these two words in consideration: Meritocracy and Nepotism.

The first is related to the proper method of running a pay per head sportsbook bookie organization: by recognizing the work of a given employee and compensating him based on achievement and ability.

The second one is related to how you don’t run your price per head service and casino business: by being biased and playing favorites.


Be Transparent

Being transparent about your business dealings is the best way to get a good reputation.

When you deliver the kind of pay per head sportsbook bookie service you’re advertising, there are no unwanted surprises.

In other words, when you are clear about your bookmaking and casino software services, prospects know exactly what they can expect from you.

On the other hand, when you offer things you aren’t able to provide just to sign up a new customer, chances are that the client is going to be disappointed.

And this negative feeling towards your sports betting and gaming operation will doubtlessly lead to some negative word of mouth; which can impact your business in the wrong way.


Trust your Instincts

It’s rare that your gut feeling is telling you the wrong story. So, whenever you hear that voice that tells you to move in a given direction, trust it!

If you don’t trust yourself, other people will notice this. And this can be very negative for your sports betting and gaming business.

The reason is because you are not showing your prospects that you’re fully reliable; and this makes it difficult for them to trust you their cash.

Indeed, your instincts can serve you well in business. However, it’s important that you learn to differentiate the good gut feelings from the negative ones.

And to do this is easy: If you’re angry, or feel down, chances are that your gut feeling is going to deceive you. And the reason is because you aren’t focus on what’s important, and you’re paying attention to negative things. So, your instincts are best to be avoided in this case.

On the other hand, when you feel good, your mind is where it should be. Meaning that you’re more in your capacity to take the best decisions for your bookmaking and casino business.

So, if you’re feeling good, and your gut feeling is talking to you, listen well, as this inner conversation can lead you to be more assertive as a pay per head sportsbook bookie.

Per Head Software Bookie: Tips for First-Timers

Per Head Software Bookie: Tips for First-Timers

Per Head Software Bookie: Tips for First-Timers


Are you just starting your per head software bookie career? If that’s the case, the following tips can help you start moving in the right direction, right away.


Tips for the New Per Head Software Bookie


Here are some of the best tips for a new per head software bookie. Use them all, or pick the ones that serves your business needs best.


Take Risks

As a top bookmaker and pph poker entrepreneur, one of your major responsibilities is to acquire the ability to take the right risks.

Any new sports betting and gaming business out there is full of risks. There is no denial to that fact.

However, when you learn what risks you should get involved with, and which ones you must avoid at all costs, you are saving yourself from dealing with a lot of unnecessary hassles.


Earning a Good Online Reputation

In order to have success on the web, and get online conversions, you need to earn a good reputation.

And you can do this by becoming as involved as you can with social media, forums, message boards, and other venues where prospective clients usually gather.

By becoming very active, you establish your expertise, knowledge and wit, and prospects will start seeing you in a positive light.


Cold Email All the People You Can

Do you have the email of many people that you believe may be interested in your pay per head sportsbook software bookie services? Then don’t waste any more time and send them an email!

Chances are that many of the people you message are often looking for new offers related to sports betting and pph poker.

So, try sending them a cold email that contains a nice business proposal. And make sure to send the right message about your bookmaking operation. If you do it, doubtlessly, you will be able to get many conversations this way.


Keep a Journal of Ideas

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but you are an ideas machine! That’s right; you are brainstorming about new ideas all the time.

The problem is that you don’t commonly write those good ideas down. Usually they are just part of a conversation with someone; or part of an internal one.

So, now that you are aware of the positive impact your frequent thinking can do for you as a per head software bookie, don’t forget to write as many of those ideas down.

Using pen and paper is the best. This is because, according to the experts, when you write down something, it sticks in your memory the best.

However, the important thing is to avoid missing on those ideas, so write as much as you can on a notepad from your iPhone or android mobile.

Then, when you get home, if you feel committed to put those ideas to work, start writing them down on paper! The results will be outstanding.



As a new pay per head sportsbook software bookie, you need to start expanding your network. And never stop doing it while you run your sports betting and gaming business.

This network includes a series of smaller networks. For example, you can have a network of sports betting agents. And you can also have a network of people that can help you get more pph poker players.

As a top bookmaker, the possibilities here are almost endless. The more people you bring to your network, the more chances you get of getting conversions by positive word of mouth.

Remember to always network UP, HORIZONTALLY, and DOWN:

  • When you network up, you are creating a network of mentors.
  • Networking horizontally means to network with your peer group.
  • And networking down means to use your knowledge to help others (and get conversions along the way).


Listen to Advice

It is important to listen to advice. With that said, there are different types of advice out there. And in your best interest, you should listen only to the best advice you hear from the people around you.

In fact, in order to filter as much useless advice as possible, take everything with a grain of salt. And never forget to trust your gut instinct.


Commit to a Schedule

Indeed, it is likely that you decided to become a per head software bookie because you wanted freedom.

However, if you want to be successful with your wagering and gambling business, you should consider committing to a regular schedule.

If you do this, you will always be able to get everything done. And this will feel great! Why? Because you will be committing to a self-imposed schedule, not to one imposed by someone else!

This will elevate both your sense of responsibility, and your entrepreneurial spirit.


Learn New Stuff

Never be afraid to learn new stuff! Some people believe that because they are grown, they are what they are, and can’t improve.

This is totally false! And if you live with this train of thought in your mind, it will be difficult for you to acquire a real entrepreneurial mindset.

Remember that being a top bookmaker involves solving problems and learning as you go.

So, when you commit to learning new stuff all the time, the new challenges that you will be facing will seem easier to solve.

And the reason is because you will time and time again, make yourself a better per head software bookie.


Ask for Help

“I know that I Know Nothing” is a very famous and celebrated phrase by philosopher Socrates.

This is indeed a humbling phrase. And it teaches us that even though we may be very professional at some things, we always lack knowledge or talent on a lot of other stuff.

And even in our professional field, there are always more capable and prepared individuals to learn from.

So, avoid trying to do everything on your own. Instead, ask for the help of people that can help you in the areas where you lack expertise.

This will help you run your sports betting and gaming business in a better way. And it will set you in the path that can allow you to become a successful per head software bookie.