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Price per Head Software: Don’t Lose to an Offshore Sportsbook!

Price per Head Software: Don’t Lose to an Offshore Sportsbook!

Price per Head Software: Don’t Lose to an Offshore Sportsbook!


When local bookies use price per head software, they do it with NO OBLIGATION. But with the 100% money-back GUARANTEE that they will get a PREMIUM pay per head bookie service.


Price per Head Software: Convenient for Players and Bookies


YES, It is often difficult for players to find open, local wagering and casino sources. In many cases, these sources are either scarce, or even nonexistent.

As a result, players turn to the web to play with an offshore sportsbook. Unfortunately, this is not very secure, as the person must provide her credit card information in order to have access to wagering options, or play casino games online.

Also, when players get their action online, local sports betting agents suffer the consequences.

The problem is the high overhead costs related to running the kind of wagering and gambling operation that can compete with online sportsbooks.

Needless to say, to count with an onshore call center is only an option for a handful of local bookies and professional credit bookmakers, and definitely not for the majority.

This means that players are being forced to play online because local bookmaking agents can’t afford to offer them high-quality services.

Fortunately, there is a solution to his dilemma, as modern local bookies can also have access to a high-end offshore bookmaking service, and they don’t have to go broke to keep their clients satisfied.


The Solution: Price per Head Software


There is a simple solution that solves the problem of both players and local sports betting agents: RISK-FREE price per head software.

This underpriced offshore bookmaking service saves MORE local bookies thousands of dollars, and allows them to be more player-friendly.

Although local regular and professional credit bookmakers are heavily beneficiated by getting their sportsbook software from a PPH Shop, the player is the real winner here.

The reason? EASY: Players no longer have to give their personal credit card information to strangers from an offshore sportsbook.

Instead, they can keep playing with their local bookie software entrepreneurs, and keep their information private and secure.

Another benefit for players is that they count with a large variety of AMAZING wagering options, including live dealer casino games, and a poker pay head service.


In sum, an offshore bookmaking service comes as a HUGE GIFT for local sports betting agents because the latter doesn’t have to count with their own MAMMOTH call center.

Instead, they and their clients can rely on price per head software to solve both the necessity of offering high-end wagering solutions, and to play with privacy and security.

Pay per Head Bookie: Creating a Business Plan

Pay per Head Bookie: Creating a Business Plan

Pay per Head Bookie: Creating a Business Plan


A business plan can definitely help you prioritize the actions you can take to start running your pay per head bookie business the right way.

You do have some flexibility in determining your favorite format for the business plan of your sports betting and gaming operation.

However, there is certain data that must be included in order to increase the chances of potential growth and profitability.


Pay per Head Bookie: What It Must Contain


Mission Statement: The mission statement of your pay per head bookie operation sets the tone for the business, including its goals and values.

A good mission statement must inspire the staff of your pay per head service bookie company to work as hard as possible in order to help you accomplish the goals that you have set for the wagering and gambling business.

Description of Services: This is the area of the plan where you must include an accurate description of the pay per head bookie services that you currently offer, and the ones that you believe you will be able to offer in the future.

When writing this section of the plan, it is important for you to be as complete as possible, and leave nothing to the imagination.

Market Analysis: In this area, you need to add information related to the markets in which you intend to sell your pay per head bookie software and casino services.

It also includes info on:

  • The number of potential clients.
  • Potential growth rate of the market.
  • Data about your competitors.
  • And any particulars related to your marketing strategies.

Financial Projections: In this section of the business plan for your pay per head sportsbook software business you will need to include information on expenditures, revenues, and losses and profit.

Here you must include the 3 main financial statements:

  • A balance sheet.
  • A P&L (profit and loss) statement.
  • A cash-flow projection.

Make sure to add information that you can back up with hard data.

Management Strategies: Once you have written the sections of your plan related to pay per head bookie services, marketing, and financial projections, it is time for you to sit down and brainstorm how is it that you intend to achieve your goals. Including info on when, and how you plan to achieve them.


If you believe that writing a business can be a bit difficult, you can start by checking some good samples at

Then, using those samples, you can have a better idea of how it’s done, in order to come up with a personalized version.

Alternatively, you can hire the services of a professional consultant who can either guide you through the steps for creating the business plan for your pay per head bookie business, or to create it from scratch for you.

Sportsbook Software Entrepreneur: Employees and Accounting


In order to run your sportsbook software company properly, you must be able to count with the right workforce, manage your employees properly, and also get help (if you are not good about it) with the figures related to your bookmaking and casino operation.


Sportsbook Software: Managing an Engaged Workforce


To know how to manage, and lead the employees of your sportsbook software business in an effective way is a skill that you definitely want to possess as a pay per head bookie.

It is the job of a sportsbook software entrepreneur to learn how to lead, plan, exert control, and organize.

And, besides these main functions, a business manager must also put attention to things such as:

  • Creating the right environment so the staff of the bookmaking and casino company can feel encouraged to give their best, and get as involved as possible.
  • Top tap in to the creativity of each member of the wagering and gambling operation.
  • To become an example, and a leader to others.

Soon after you start a sports betting company, you will realize that you, and your business, can only be as good as the people who work for you.

This is exactly what makes of hiring and keeping great individuals, a very crucial task.

In order to have success as a pay per head bookie, you must be able to hire only the best professional recruits you can have access to as an entrepreneur.

Indeed, more than ever in history, teams are having a profound impact on businesses of all kinds, including sportsbook software and casino operations.

One Part Hasn’t Changed: Cash, Get Help with Accounting

Accounting is one of the most important areas of any business. As a pay per head bookie entrepreneur, you use accounting to keep an eye on the financial health of your wagering and gaming operation.

An accountant can help your sportsbook software services company to avoid spending more than it makes.

If you believe that you are not good with numbers, then hiring a professional to run the numbers of your pay per head bookie operation is one of the wisest decisions you can make as a manager.

An accountant will take care of very important financial statements such as the cash flow, the income, and the balance sheet.

These statements reflect, and record, the financial condition of your wagering and gambling business at a particular point in time. These statements usually cover a quarterly or annual period.

Financial management is definitely both a science and an art. The science part is related to ratios and formulas, while the art part is related to attempting to forecast the future of your sportsbook software services company based on such financial analysis.