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Pay per head Bookie Tips: Working with Clear Objectives


You definitely cannot set realistic objectives related to marketing for your pay per head bookie business until you have put together the right data, defined your actual brand, and have a good understanding of who your targeted audience is.

Remember: If you can’t measure it, it will be difficult for you to manage it.

When you work with objectives, you are setting a direction, a path for your business. It is these objectives that define what you are truly trying to accomplish as a sportsbook software entrepreneur.

And, what’s most important, objectives also help you to establish a common language to communicate efficiently with all the members of your pay per head bookie organization. In other words, objectives put everyone on the same page.

If you are unable to decide what the objectives of your business are, or what you need to do up front before you begin to spend cash on execution, it means that your strategy is flawed, and full of disjointed tactical tools.

When you are faced with this situation, all of your marketing efforts are not as efficient as you would like them to be, and your whole business plan becomes ineffective.


Pay per Head Bookie: 2 Main Objectives Categories


Indeed, the objectives related to your sports betting and casino business are crucial to profitability, and there are two main categories:

Marketing Objectives

You must define the outcomes of the behavior of your target market. These objectives describe the actions you want the target market of your price per head bookie business to perform in order to achieve a given sales result.

The sum of these marketing objectives should equal your total sales objective.

Some good examples of marketing objectives are:

  • Retaining a percentage of clients.
  • To get a number of existing clients to use your pay per head bookie services even more.
  • To gain a number of new clients.

Sales Objectives

These objectives are all about defining the sales and profit your bookmaking and casino organization is expected to make during a given period (3 months, 6 months, or a full year).

These are actually the objectives that are the most valuable, and the success of your business definitely depends on them.

If you can’t accomplish your long-term objectives around sales and profits, your pay per head bookie business will ultimately fail, or you will be able to keep the business running, but you will be a marginal competitor.


Make sure that you are not going to set objectives that can’t be measured. Your goal is to only work with objectives that are quantifiable and specific.

To manage your marketing function in an effective way, your company must know whether you were able to accomplish your objectives, or if you failed in your mission of doing so.

Good Objectives are Smart Ones

The smarter the objectives of your pay per head bookie business, the better:

  • Specific: are your objectives specific for a well-defined area?
  • Measurable: Can you measure your objectives?
  • Actionable: Can you actually take action on an objective?
  • Results-Oriented: Are you writing down your professional objectives taking into consideration the final result?
  • Time-specific: Have you defined a time goal for each one of the objectives that you have set for your pay per head bookie business?