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Pay per Head Services Bookie: Free Quick Sales Tips


Selling is definitely the most important part of your pay per head services bookie business. And the reason is because without clients, you really don’t have a business at all!

So, here are some quick sales tips that can help you nurture your sales muscles, in order to grow your sportsbook portfolio as much as possible.


Pay per Head Services Bookie: The Relationship Bridge


Chances are that someone has told you that if you want to excel at sales, you need to become a cold-calling expert.

You may, or may not like making cold calls, but the truth is that you DONT need to make cold calls to run a prosperous pay per head services bookie business.

Actually, cold calling should be the last resource that you should consider in order to acquire clients.

The BEST WAY to get customers is by finding a relationship bridge. This is a person that serves as the bridge between you, and your desired client.

When someone is referred to you by an actual client, or a trusted source, the probabilities of signing the prospective customer increases considerably.

Also, if you know who can be a prospective client, find a person that can get you personally introduced.

Make sure that you are introduced by the prospective customer by someone the other person trusts.

This will make it easier for the prospective client to trust you, even before starting to place sports bets and play casino games with your pay per head services bookie company.

Get Clients in Bulk, When Possible

Sure, getting one client at the time is going to be part of your routine as a pay per head services bookie, but you can also consider the possibility of adding clients in bulk to your bookmaker portfolio.

You can do this by getting in touch with influencers. These are individuals whom are linked to broader networks of potential clients.

When an influencer recommends you to a group of prospective clients, this can really help you to sign many players at the same time from the same source.

You can also offer attractive commissions to sub-agents as incentives so they can focus on signing large packages of clients all at once, from a given region of the country.

To have many clients coming from the same influencer, or sub-agent, is great because it means that you are dealing with a single person, and you don’ really have to get in touch at all with the end clients. When it comes to privacy, this is very positive.

Show Passion

Nothing is really going to happen if you don’t add some passion to the mix. In order to acquire the profits that you want to obtain as a successful pay per head services bookie, you need to go big.

You need to develop a business plan that is going to make people either love you, or hate you. It will be impossible for them to ignore you, and they most definitely won’t forget you.

When it comes to selling your pay per head services bookie business, you always need to remain assertive.

Your mission is to sign up new clients on a constant basis, and if you need to be a little shocking, or even aggressive on your business approach, then, do what you feel is going to grant you the best results.

Of course, don’t forget to always act with respect towards your prospective clients, and don’t forget that the customers of your pay per head services bookie company will always admire you for your willingness to go big.