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Pay per Head Bookie Service: The Outsourcing Option


To provide a pay per head bookie service to sports betting players means that you have chosen the outsourcing option.

A reputable pph bookie service company operates offshore, in a faraway place, where data management is legal, allowing bookmaking agents to reduce operational costs while obtaining a competitive edge.


Pay per Head Bookie Service: Reasons to Outsource


As a sports agent, you shouldn’t be worried about someone else running your sportsbook operation. Here are some of the top reasons to outsource:

Cost Reduction

Doubtless, and for many different reasons, to reduce costs is at the top of the list of a sports betting agent who has decided to run his business using an offshore pay per head bookie service.

When a sports agent decides to outsource his wagering operation, he can avoid paying for things such as office space, salaries, and technology, just to name a few.

Enhanced Client Experience

When a wagering agent decides to run his operation locally, he is likely to count with just a handful of staff members, which makes it difficult for a business like this to deal in a proficient way with peak hours, especially at unpredictable times.

When a person outsources his pay per head bookie service business, he can avoid this unwanted scenario due to the fact that an offshore pph shop counts with a large team which operates 24-7.

This means that business peaks can be covered without a problem, increasing operational flexibility and business appeal.

Speed and Quality

Outsourcing also means that a sports agent can have his pay per head bookie service up and running in no time at all.

So, a wagering agent can get setup in just a couple of hours, to then start offering the clients of his sportsbook operation a betting solution of high quality.

Outsourcing Just an Area

Some individuals may also consider the option of outsourcing just part of their sports betting operation while running other areas of the business themselves.

For example, by working with an offshore pph shop an agent can outsource call center and internet betting while allowing a local accountant to run the numbers.

Not Only Cost, But Capability

Although an agent may find some good local recruits that can serve as bookmaking clerks, the truth is that outsourcing the call center area of a sports betting operation is a better idea.

This is because an offshore pph shop focuses on hiring people that has been trained and have the experience to make players feel comfortable when they call.

Doubtless, someone that has worked within the offshore sports betting industry for a while truly understands how he must treat players, based on how the players themselves feel they must be treated.

Indeed, when it comes to running a pay per head bookie service business, to be backed by a team of highly trained and efficient individuals is an unbeatable option when compared to hiring local newbies.

Bookie Tips: Top Recruiting Questions for your Business


Indeed, without good human talent, it will be quite difficult for your bookie business to grow. This is why to add the right individuals to your sports betting company is vital for your continued success.


Bookie Tips: Key Questions to Ask Recruits


Here are some of the most important questions that you can ask prospective recruits when you are in the process of interviewing them.


Can You Tell Me About your Career to Date?

When you ask this question, just listen attentively, and make sure to explore any gaps. It is very important for you to know where a prospective candidate has been (professionally) before he decided to apply for a position at your bookie company.

What are your Greatest Achievements?

It is also relevant to ask a given candidate what his biggest achievements are.┬áTo know about the person’s professional highlights allows you to identify what the individual’s top strengths are, and it can give you an idea on how to incorporate his personal abilities to your bookmaking operation.

What are your Most Relevant Professional Mistakes?

It is a fact that learning involves making mistakes, so this is not a negative question at all when you are recruiting new members to add to the staff of your bookie company.

Actually, when you ask this question to a prospective candidate, let the person know that this is not a tricky question, and that you are asking it because you want to know how the individual was able to overcome the professional mistakes he made.

What are your Goals for the Next 3 Years?

The right candidate to fill a position at your sportsbook operation is a person that can commit to work for you long-term.

For this reason, you should ask candidates what their goals for the next 3 years are in order to see if they are going to be focused on their work with your bookie company, or if their head is going to be somewhere else.

Now, it is important to add that if a given person is going to spend some time learning or getting a title that can help your bookie start-up, then this is a good candidate to consider.

What Appeals Most About Working Here?

By asking this question, you can find out how much a prospective employee knows about your bookie business, and how much research he did about it.

A good candidate is one that is well informed about the job and the company, and is ready to answer related questions.

What Appeals Least About Working Here?

Do the person has enough trust in you to tell you what is it that he considers as the least attractive factors related to your bookie operation?

If the prospective candidate doesn’t trust you enough, have you failed to make them feel at ease with you? This is a good question to ask because it involves a lot of honesty.

If you get $1 Million Tomorrow, How Would you Spend It?

Knowing what your candidate’s dreams are is also very good because it allows you to understand the individual in a deeper way, and it will also help you determine if the person is prone to discipline or not.