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October 2015 Archives - Pay Per Head | Bookie Software | Sportsbook Software

Pay Per head | Bookie Software | Sportsbook Software

Monthly Archives: October 2015

Pay per Head Tips: Your Own Business as a Bookie


Have you ever just sit down and think of ways in which you can become your own boss and make a good living out of it? Then we suggest you to consider the pay per head bookie profession, as it is one that does not require attending to college, but it is one that does pay very well when handled properly.


Pay per Head Bookie: What You Need


To become a pay per head bookie, you need to have a passion for numbers and statistics, as those two will be essential in the day-to-day operations of your business.

You also need to be fond of sports, though you need to avoid the emotional side, meaning that you cannot favor any team just because you like them, as this might play against you and make you lose cash.

In order to get in the sports betting bookie business, you need to count with some capital, as if you lose against a client and don’t pay, you will be known as a non-reputable sportsbook agent, and might end up costing you the profits from a considerable number of customers, if not from all of them.

Desire to Make Cash, Reputation

As a bookie, you will need to possess the desire to make as much cash as possible while always retaining a good reputation amongst your clients.

However, when your business starts to grow and you are no longer working with just a handful of customers but with a large number of them, it is precise for the progress of your wagering operation to start making use of firsthand pay per head services.

Avoid Hassles with PPH

Sure, as a bookie you might have the right knowledge concerning sports and moving lines, but when you are handling many clients, it might become a hassle for you to provide with personalized attention.

You might also end up making some mistakes concerning all the data that you need to process, and these are the reasons exactly why pay per head solutions were created, as the reputable company that offers them serves as a bridge between the bookie and his clientele.

Once you’ve done some research and found a good pph shop, then it is time to sign up for its services, meaning that you need to pay a weekly fee for the bookie solutions they are granting you, including taking bets, moving lines, handling your client’s regular questions on matters such as balances, wagering results and much more.

If you are looking for a company that offers the best bookie solutions in the market for affordable prices, then just dial 1877-774-0999 and get in touch with one of our floor managers in order to get you started in a journey that promises to be full of rewards.

Bookie Software Variety and Security over Old School


Bookie software is the ultimate solution for betting agents. It truly offers a marked advantage over those whom are still working the old school way and are handling everything with paper or with a simple data processor such as excel.


Bookie Software: Variety of Reports


The bookmakers whom are using this sophisticated set of pay per head services can truly become successful in their business operations as they will be able to monitor the activity of each one of their clients with ease by making use of a set of different sports betting and casino reports.

These reports are filled with critical pieces of data that can help bookmaking agents to take better decisions that will ultimately gain them an advantage over their clientele, and as a consequence, their profits will increase and the risks involved will be diminished.

Safety First

When a bookie is handling the information of his client’s action using an excel file, such information is certainly compromised as chances are that such files are not protected by encrypted systems, which means that everybody with the right knowledge can obtain access to such data.

On the contrary, an agent that is working with a top price per head shop that offers in-house Free Bookie Software does not have any kind of concerns over this matter as he knows that the company he is dealing with is one that counts with top-of-the-line security systems, allowing the bookmaker and his clients to be guarded against unwanted intrusions.

Sports bettors are quite sensitive when it comes to handling their personal information to a third-party, as they know that by doing so, they are exposed to unwanted hassles.

For this reason, bookies should be aware of their clients’ needs in order to provide them with the kind of secure service they deserve, and when it comes to safeguarding the private data of customers, bookmakers should always consider to work with a company that can offer them a package of solutions that includes trustworthy sportsbook software that is also easy to handle.

PPH over  Old School

Avoiding this can lead to an agent’s business to be seeing with skeptical eyes by possible clients, and will certainly prevent him to grow in an industry that is more competitive every day, where the one with the edge is the one that survives and prosper and where the one that stagnates is the one that is left behind.

Using this set of tools not only allows bookmakers to increase their profits in an easier way, but it also grants them more free time, as all of the reports are updated automatically and always offer the agent fresh information, which means that all of that spare time can be used by the bookmaker to go and search for new customers in order to continue to increase his betting portfolio.

If you are an agent that still haven’t taken the decision of switching from working with rudimentary tools to start handling your operation with state-of-the-art data processing features, then it’s time for you to make the change and start enjoying the benefits of using a first-class business process outsourcing solution.

Commitment and Superior Pay Per Head Services


When it comes to offering superior pay per head services, our company is certainly the indicated one as we have been in business for more than 12 years and we know how the industry works inside and out.


Top Pay per Head Services = Excellent Reputation


We have also acquired an excellent reputation because we really take care of our clients by providing committed bookies with versatile solutions that makes it impossible for them to fail once they have signed up with our sportsbook software company.

We believe that a wagering business is just like any other out there, and if you want to be successful, you really need to apply yourself and try to be the best that you can be. When it comes to bookies, they know that to count with pay per head services is basically the only way to go due to the current harsh competition.

Committed Personnel

The people that works for our sports betting company knows that once they get hired, they are working for a company that functions under the most strict quality policies.

This means that we only give a job to people that we know that will be putting their heart into what they do. This certainly guarantees agents that when one of their clients communicates with our pay per head services call center, such person will be in the best of hands.

Professional Treatment

If you are a bookie that doesn’t count with high operational capital but who possesses a sense of responsibility and has a good work ethic, then you are certainly the kind of person that we want to do business with as we know that your professional relationship with us will be beneficial for both sides.

Private Number

Remember that players enjoy their privacy and they like to be as discreet as possible when it comes to place their bets, which is why many of them tend to play with online sportsbooks as they prefer to dial an untraceable number instead of being forced to dial their local bookie’s cell #.

When a bookmaker signs up with our pay per head services company, that inconvenient will likely become a problem of the past because we offer agents their own personal 800 numbers.

This allows their clients to dial at any time and without any cost in order to get their betting action, and instead of calling their bookie directly, they will be talking to a professional clerk at our offshore call center.

Try it for FREE

We understand that it might not be easy for bookies to trust their businesses to an overseas company, and this is why we offer a trial period that allows agents to test our pay per head services without even paying a cent.

We of course do this because we know that once bookies have given our solutions a try; they will find out that we really know how to solve problems.

Call Center And Online Pay Per Head Services


Do you believe that you really have what it takes to become a highly ranked bookie? If you do, you probably know that the best way to get to where you want to be fast is to make use of first-class pay per head services.

If you are the smart kind of bookie, you must consider pay per head solutions as they can pretty much serve as your card of presentation for getting new clients in an easy way, and in a frequent basis.


Pay Per Head Services: Phone and Web


Working with a professional pph shop will allow you to count with sportsbook services such as:


Call Center

Our company has established its call center offshore, which means that the pay per head services which we provide are attached to the laws of the country were we are located, and that certainly takes a weight out of the bookie’s shoulders as they don’t have to take bets themselves because all the wagering will take place between the players and the clerks whom are working at our facilities.

We provide client attention 24/7, year-round, and the people that we have hired have been trained in order to meet and even surpass the expectations of the bookmaker’s clients, no matter how demanding they can be.

We have provided our pay per head services personnel with the right communication tools so they are able to speak to customers in a courteous and respectful while still taking care of every single client as they call instead of putting them on hold (a definitely no-no for our company).


Internet Betting

If you are a bookie, you probably have thought about the possibility of flying overseas in order to open your own online sportsbook, but you know that doing that will require a large monetary sacrifice on your side and it will also force you to change your current lifestyle.

When you are working with a pay per head services shop like ours, you can forget about that as we provide agents with a web portal that it can be easily accessed by players, and this allows bookies to promote a web betting solution directly from their location.

When using our online pay per head services, the personal information of the bookmaker’s clients will also be completely safe as such data will be kept by the agent himself.

We provide bookies with special software where the only information that is stored is the user name and password for each player instead of their personal info.

This certainly gives the bookie an advantage as many players don’t want to pass their name and credit card information to an online sportsbook where it can be utilized for unwanted purposes.

For more information on our call center and internet solutions, please give us a call 1877 – 774 – 0999.