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September 2015 Archives - Pay Per Head | Bookie Software | Sportsbook Software

Pay Per head | Bookie Software | Sportsbook Software

Monthly Archives: September 2015

Pay per Head Services and Why You Need Them


When it comes to the concept of a bookie, there are two kinds, the old schoolers, and the ones using pay per head services, and it is certain that the latter have an enormous advantage over those whom are still writing tickets manually.


Pay per Head Services: Pro Team and Savings


To be successful as a bookie, you need to work with a top price per head shop, as to utilize their solutions will allow you to be supported by a team of professionals whom will be helping you to grow your business without having to expend large amounts of cash.

Carefully Selected Clerks

A superior pay per head services shop like ours is aware of the fact that modern bettors are always looking to place their bets with the bookie or sportsbook that can offer them the best possible service, and that is why we always carefully select our clerks.

This is because we want you to look good in front of your customers when it comes to the kind of service you are delivering.

We ensure you that every single phone that is picked at our offshore call center in Costa Rica, is always treated with professionalism and respect.

Line Moving Experts

Since our mission is to help you obtain great profits from your sports betting operation, we have also hired a team of expert line movers, as we understand that to manage betting lines properly is ultimately what is going to help you achieve your goals when it comes to cashing in.

And once you have signed for an account with our pay per head services company, you won’t have the need for moving any lines yourself, as we will do all the work for you, which will free you from this responsibility.

Fully Licensed

It is also important for you to know that we are a fully licensed company, which allows us to operate on the right side of the law.

This means that you don’t have to worry about legal aspects anymore since no bets will ever be directly connected to you, and when it comes to your clients, they don’t need to worry either, as we do not handle their personal information since all we require to take their wagering action is a simple pin and pass.

As you can see, to manage a betting business with the assistance of a competent, affordable pay per head services company is what will ultimately make things happen for you in terms of the profitability of your operation, therefore, we invite you to give us a call for free at 1877-774-0999 in order to allow us to help you achieve your goals in an effortless way.

Pay per Head: Providing Bookies with a Competitive Edge


Making use of Pay per Head services is definitely going to have a tremendous positive impact in your career as a bookie, especially because you will be able to compete head to head with the big names in the industry.


Pay per Head: Avoid Losing Clients to Online Sportsbooks


Although post-up online sportsbooks have been trying to get the clients of local bookmakers for years and have succeeded in a certain degree, the truth is that the close relationship between an agent and his players encourage the latter to keep on wagering with their “guy.”

This of course doesn’t mean that players are not leaving their bookies at all, in fact, those whom decide to start playing with web sportsbooks are the ones that are dealing with agents whom are not working with Pay per Head services.

Partners, Not Competitors

Reputable Pay per Head companies are quite different than post up sportsbooks in the sense that they are not competing against bookies.

Instead, they provide agents with a helping hand by offering services such as call center and internet betting in order to allow agents to count with the same solutions a player will get from an online sportsbook.

A Pay per Head bookie software company acts as an intermediary between players and their agent, allowing the former to place bets the new school way while enhancing the business of the latter.

The bookie is still the one that does regular collections and pays up winning bets. The Pay per Head company really doesn’t get involved as all the cash that the PPH shop perceives is a weekly fee that is paid based on actual usage of services.

This strategic partnership basically consists on the bookie and his sub-agents recruiting players while the Pay per Head company provides the infrastructure and puts the cash for the overhead costs such as paying wagering clerks and lines managers.

Your own Software

When working with a Pay per Head establishment, you won’t ever need to input any data again in your life because you’ll always have the current information related to the wagering activity of your clients at your fingertips thanks to the custom software that a PPH shop offers you.

Such information is updated live, which means that you’ll always get fresh data.

Privacy and Security

Accurate and prompt data entry is not the only advantage of doing business with a Pay per Head company as they also ensure you that the information concerning the wagering activity of your clients is fully secure and kept private.

Being a bookie, you know how important it is to keep a certain degree of discretion when running a sports betting operation.

It is precisely because of this important reason that having your client’s data stored on foreign servers and away from preying eyes is so relevant for your business.

This of course is great for your image because when your clients realize that their betting info is completely secure, they will feel more comfortable when placing their wagers with you.

Pay per Head: Your Online Business


Once you’ve started a bookie operation, working locally certainly won’t be enough if you want to attain success, so you really need to seriously consider working with a Pay per head services company that allows you to count with an online wagering service.

Additionally, you also need to create your own website in order to promote your bookie Pay per head operation, and also, don’t forget to have a good social media presence.


Pay per Head: A Betting Website


When you sign up with a Pay per head establishment, their service package includes online betting which means that no matter where your players are located, they can always place their wagers with you.

This fact is quite significant because it means that you are not tied to your local sports betting community. Instead, you can opt for recruiting players from all over the country and even overseas.

If you don’t count with a considerably large budget, to come up with a wagering site all by yourself is really not an option because this type of websites not only demands general maintenance, but it also requires special software to run the betting lines.

On top of that, you’ll also need to hire a physical lines manager to move your lines (of course you can do this job yourself, but it will require long hours of continuous work).

Indeed, a betting site is an essential part of a well structure online business plan for your bookie Pay per head operation.

A Marketing Website

You know what else you need? A marketing website where you can add all the relevant information related to your wagering business.

You can also optimize your site as best as possible in order to give you the chance of appearing at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) for focused keywords that can get you the kind of visitors that can later turn into clients.

In other words, a well optimized, informative and accessible site will definitely get you some good conversions.

Social Media

Nowadays most people have profiles on social media sites, with a lot of them being frequent users. This of course includes bettors.

There are actually two types of social media presence that you can have: your personal profile and your business profile.

Personal: This profile contains information related to your life, friends, family and likes.

In reality, you shouldn’t use your personal profile for recruiting clients, but there are always some exceptions.

For example, if someone that you know wants to put you in touch with a player, then you can pass on the information of your personal social media profile to such type of prospective customer.

This will give your Pay per head bookmaking business a lot of credibility and will bring a sense of familiarity to a possible negotiation.

Business: Having a business profile on different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is definitely necessary because they make it easier to get in touch with people that have similar tastes.

This means that those that are looking for betting services might stumble upon your social media profile, read what you have to offer, and possibly turn into conversions.

Having a social media presence definitely give a business a lot of credibility, and a bookie Pay per head operation is not the exception.

This is because people are free to give their opinions about the services or products they acquire online, and if they like what they got; they are going to give you a good review and will praise you with good comments.

If you manage to do a good work and provide your clients with all they need to feel satisfied while placing their wagers, then your online positive feedback can serve as a great marketing tool to attract and sign new players.

Pay per Head: Getting Familiar with Its Concepts


Are you an agent that has heard of Pay per head services, but you really are not sure about what it is and how it can benefit your career?

If that is the case, then you might be interested in reading the information presented below because it can serve as a real eye-opener related to how you are currently handling your business, and how you can start running it from now on.


Pay per Head: Say Goodbye to your Old School Ways


Back in the day, although the job of a bookie was very profitable, it was also quite tiresome because there was a lot of manual labor involved as agents had to process every single bet on paper and then keep those records safe.

That was really a tedious process because, for example, if a piece of paper with active wagering action went missing, then that meant that the bookie had no proof that a bet was made.

This often led to a series of troubles related to collecting earnings or paying winning bets.

Things are actually quite different now because of the existence of Pay per head companies, whom are in charge of providing bookies with all they need in order to run their businesses like real professionals and for a really low weekly cost.

PPH Offerings

Pay per head can really become essential for bookies because it allows them to provide services to their clients that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to offer on their own.

The concept of PPH is very simple: they process data for sports betting agents and receive a fee in exchange.

If you are wondering how this fee actually work, it is based on actual services rendered. The fee is paid per client, which means that you need to pay a fixed amount of a cash for every player every week, though you only pay the Pay per head company only when a given client of yours has recorded any sort of wagering activity.

The PPH shop counts with its own offshore call center which is packed with clerks and betting pros that are ready to provide players with information on current available games to then register their wagering action.

Players can also bet over the internet using a simple login name and password, which is entered on a website that is provided by the pph shop.

Bookies have the option of using the shop’s generic sites, or they can also opt for getting they own custom website, which is hosted and supported by the PPH company.

Such data is stored on a data base that is only accessible to a few selected members of the Pay per head company and the bookmaker.

This means that not only the bookie doesn’t have to take bets himself, but the information related to the wagering activity of his clients is fully secured and kept away from unwanted attention.

Working with Others

Although using Pay per head services gives you a great deal of freedom, you will still need to work with certain key people in order to run things properly.

One of such individuals is an accountant, who can run the numbers for the agent, making sure that the figures related to debts paid and earnings collected are correct.

And of course sub-agents, whom are also very important for Pay per head bookies because they can get new customers and deal with collections and payments on a regular basis, allowing agents to enjoy the good side of the bookmaking business without having to focus on all the details of the operation.

Pay per Head: Opting for a Bookie Career

red dart hitting the target

If you are the entrepreneurial type, then you might be interested in starting a career as a bookie Pay per head professional.

In this article, we are going to provide you with some useful pointers that can help you decide if this is a step that you want to take.


Pay per Head: Why a Bookie Career


There are many reasons why a person should feel inclined to opt for a bookie career backed by Pay per head services, but the main one is freedom.

When you become an agent, you are your own boss, which means that you can work at your own pace.

You also get to spend more time doing the things that you like such as traveling or spending time with the family, and this priceless factor alone is a big enough reason to take a chance and start a bookie business.

Working as a Pay per head bookie means that you really don’t have anybody to respond to but to your clients. Indeed, your players are the only ones that have the right to tell you what changes could be beneficial for your bookmaking business.

That is really a positive thing because when you get some feedback from the people that you are offering a service to, it means that you have first-hand information that can be used to improve things around in order to appear as an even more attractive option for prospective customers.

Another top reason is that you get to keep most of your profits, which can be considerably good if you are willing to put some effort on getting new clients on a regular basis.

You can do this by yourself, or if you want to enjoy more free time, you can also opt for working with some sub-agents, whom can be in charge of expanding your business and run errands such as collections and payments.

The more players on your bookmaking portfolio, the better the money you will make. The good thing is that since you’ll be working with Pay per head, it really doesn’t matter how many clients you have as the pph shop is going to serve them all on an equal basis.

PPH Solutions

Long gone are the days when bookies were forced to process information manually using hand written tickets.

This is because most agents now work alongside Pay per head companies, whom provide a data processing solution that is simply obligatory in order to have the edge to compete against other agents out there.

Here are the main advantages of working with a PPH shop:

Call center: When dealing with a PPH establishment, you won’t ever have to process a wager over the phone yourself again because the Pay per head company is going to take care of this time-consuming task for you.

Internet Betting and Mobile: Players can also make their own wagers online, which is a great feature that puts bookies side to side with post up web sportsbooks.

Not only are players able to bet over the internet, but they can also do it directly from their mobile phones.

Casino: Working with a Pay per head company also allows agents to offers their clients attractive and well known casino games.

This is actually a great feature because it allows bookies to continue to make money even when their sports betting or racebook activity is low.

Bookie Software: PPH shops also offer agents custom software that is used to monitor the day to day activity of the overall betting operation.

Bookies can basically let the Pay per head establishment run things for them and then check all the current and past activity using such sophisticated and necessary software solutions.

Pay per head: Why Using These Services is the Way to Go

Right direction

If you are a sports betting agent, then you probably know that competition is quite fierce right now, and it is no secret that the bookies that are becoming more successful are those that are currently using Pay per head services to run their business.

Let us explain you some of the top advantages of using Pay per head solutions, especially if you are a bookmaker that is still running things old school.


Pay per head: No Overhead Costs


When working with a Pay per head company, you won’t have to hire your own clerks or renting an office to run your business because the PPH shop that you are dealing with is going to provide you with those elements.

A renowned establishment is usually located offshore, in a country where they have a large call center staffed with well trained personnel that includes wagering clerks, linesmen and managers.

Such call center is also enhanced with modern technology, including a variety of phone services, which means that your clients will always have the chance to place their wagers on time, on a year-round, 24/7 schedule.

The only actual cost attached to using Pay per head is a fair weekly fee per client that the Sportsbook software provider is going to charge you based on actual usage.

This means, for example, that if you have 100 clients and only half of them made use of the shop’s resources, then you’ll only have to pay for 50 clients during a given week.

No Data Processing for you

If you are the kind of bookmaking professional that loves to collect the cash related your business but don’t like at all to process every single bet manually using hand-written tickets, then working with Pay per head solutions can really turn into a game-changer for you.

The reason? Well, you really won’t ever have to process a single wager by yourself again in your life as the pph establishment will make sure that your clients are well taken care of.

This means that once you have decided to partner with a pph shop, they will commit to register all betting action coming from your clients and will provide you with some really insightful data related to the overall wagering business that they are running for you.

This allows you to keep an eye on your sports betting operation without having to be truly involved in it. In other words, the Pay per head company provides you with the data that you need in order to decide who you need to pay and who you need to collect from.

Never on the Spotlight

One of the things most bookies hate about their professional career is that they are often on the spotlight for the wrong reasons while attracting unwanted attention.

When you do business with a Pay per head establishment, you really don’t have to worry about that because you are really not taking any wagers yourself.

Instead, you are facilitating a betting service for people that distrust online post-up sportsbook operations and prefer to deal with an actual bookie who offer them the possibility of registering their betting action either over the phone or the web.

Using Pay per head solutions is certainly a smart choice, for the reasons that are mentioned above and many others, such as the ability to offer your clientele casino gaming services.

Pay per Head Services: The Guide for Successful Bookies


In order to be good at what you do, you can always make use of some extra help to identify the paths that will lead you to the road of success, and when it comes to bookmakers, that extra assistance is better when is provided by a renown pay per head services shop.


Pay per Head Services: More Control


If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past decade, you probably know that the way in which bookmakers operate these days is not the same as they used to since pay per head services allow them to have a better overall control over the wagering operation while requiring the minimum effort from the sports betting agent.

No PPH Solutions: Unsatisfied Players

Many bookmakers are stubborn and enjoy doing things all by themselves, and that is one of the reasons why there are many unsatisfied players out there whom are looking to place their bets with either another bookie, or with an online sportsbook.

Old school players prefer to do business with a physical bookie rather than taking their money online because they feel more secure about their personal information, and also because they can actually contact the person that will either pay them for their winnings or collect from them when they lose.

But when they realize that their bookie is becoming inefficient and is not even taking bets on time, they know that they are being neglected and they certainly don’t enjoy that kind of treatment from the person they are placing wagers with.

Fulfillment for Both the Bookie and His Players

Once a bookmaker takes into consideration all the benefits his clients will obtain when he signs up with a pay per head services shop, he is immediately attracted to such solutions.

Agents also know that not only their customers will be happier, but the bookmakers themselves will also find it more convenient to count with high-quality bookie software that allows them to be always in control of their wagering business on a daily basis.

Preventing Clients from Leaving

It is actually the mission of the bookie to fulfill the needs of his clients because when a player is not happy, he knows that there are many other bookmaking agents out there that will be glad to take his bets.

And if a bookie is working without pay per head services, chances are that he will not have the time or be professional enough to play at the big leagues with those bookmakers whom are actually offering their customers outstanding call center solutions and secure web betting.

If you are a bookie that wishes to retain your existing clients and also want to gain some more in the future, you certainly need to be backed by a qualified pph shop, which is why we invite you to give us a call at 1877-774-0999 and let us become your right hand from here on.

Pay per Head Services Can Help Players to Become Successful Bookies


When a gambling professional decides that he wants to switch positions and become a price per head services bookie instead of continuing to be a player, he is certainly making that decision because he feels that taking bets can be more profitable than placing wagers.


The Secret is… Pay per Head Services


In order to succeed, he knows that he cannot do it all by himself because of how competitive the market is nowadays, and to a person in such a position the best solution is to hire the services of a reputable bookie pay per head services company.

This is the case of John, who used to be a player and enjoyed the treatment he received when he used to placed bets.

Since he got that type of first-class solutions from a bookie that worked with a pay per head services establishment, now considers the solutions of a top pph shop as an essential part of his business plan.

John had always been a cautious player and his healthy relationship with gambling allowed him to amass a considerable amount of money that is now serving him as the backup for his new business.

And since John is not too fond of taking big risks, he wants to play it safe and has decided that he will sign up with a pay per head services shop before he even gets his very first client as he wants to start with the right foot by establishing a positive image for his sports betting operation.

When John used to make bets, he dealt with all sorts of bookmakers, some whom he really ended up disliking because of how careless or bad prepared they were.

On the other hand, John really enjoyed when he found Jimmy, the bookie that first introduced pay per head services to him. From that point on, Jimmy became the official bookmaker for John, and the latter also helped his new bookie to get new clients by word of mouth.

At one point John realized that although he enjoyed placing bets, he wanted to become a pay per head services bookie like Jimmy, who was making great cash in an effortless way from truly loyal clients.

Although John respected Jimmy, he knew that the success of the latter was centered on using price per head solutions, and on John’s opinion, anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit could easily come up with Jimmy’s achievements by doing business with an established pay per head services shop, which is why he decided to take the step himself.

There are many people just like John out there whom are perfect candidates to start making money by taking bets in a professional way, and if you are one of them, we invite you to dial  1877-774-0999 for more information.

Pay per Head Services Bookie: Responsible Betting Tips


Betting with your pay per head services bookie is one of the most fun activities out there that can also earn you some great cash at the same time.

However, if you really want to keep things stable, you need to make sure that you are responsible when placing wagers with your local bookmaking agent.


Pay per Head Services Bookie: Useful Tips


Here are some tips that can make of wagering a more fun and profitable experience while keeping things balanced.

Management System

Remember that sports betting it’s all about chance, and it doesn’t matter who is better, you, or your pay per head services bookie.

What is true is that is you must learn how to handle your cash well with the proper management system, and if you keep wagering only when you are on a good strike, then chances are that you are going to enjoy your betting even more.

Don’t Bet More than you Had Previously Budgeted

It is also important that you wager only the cash that you can actually afford to lose and not more than that. Avoid using funds that you had destined for other things and make sure that you always separate your “betting cash” from the rest of your money.

Avoid Betting while Partying or Feeling Emotional

Try to avoid placing bets with your pay per head services bookie when you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances, and also when you are not emotionally fit as such circumstances can really block your power of discernment and it will prevent you from placing the kind of bets that can in fact give you some good earnings.

Always have in mind that you really shouldn’t combine betting with partying as it is likely that you will end up making some poor wagering decisions, therefore, only place bets when you are alert and try to see betting as a combination of a past time and a business that can earn you money; that way you will always know when it is the right time to bet and when you should not do it at all.

Take it as a Past Time

Even though wagering is really fun, make sure that betting is more a past time in your life than a controller, meaning that you should try to combine your fondness for gambling with other hobbies and activities in order to help you enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

Quit During a Losing Streak

When you are experiencing losses related to your bets with your pay per head services bookie, you must prevent yourself from keeping on spending money once you have reached your daily or weekly limit as this can actually lead you to experience even larger losses.

When you get to suffer a determining loss with your pay per head services bookie, just know that you must be prepared to walk away and not keep on betting.

Make sure that you stick to your original plan and return to your wagering once you have filled your “betting cash” jar again as this will help you to have control over your monthly expenditures instead of just playing with money that you knew you didn’t had to touch.

Choosing the Right Bookie Price Per Head Company


If a bookie wants to have a competitive advantage over other sports betting agents, to get pay per head services should be at the top of his list of priorities.


Pay  per Head: All a Bookie Needs


To count with the right model that can serve to establish a healthy relationship between the bookie and his clients can be costly, but this can be prevented as pph companies already possess the proper technology and strategies that makes the difference when it comes to attend to requests from customers in a prompt and professional way.



A top pay per head company will also provide a bookie with an efficient management system that can be accessed by the agent from any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a connection to the internet.

This not only makes of this service a more efficient one, but also more affordable in terms of what it can be obtained for just a small weekly fee.


Qualified Personnel

There is currently a high demand for clerks whom are knowledgeable enough to provide convenient and trustworthy phone solutions in native English.

Thankfully for pph establishments, the young population of individuals from countries such as Costa Rica have grown with English as their second language and many of them have created professional careers within the gambling industry.

And it is precisely that experience that makes them the right candidates to always help any bookie to reach his business objectives by enhancing the image of his bookmaking operation.


Pricing and Quality

The pricing of pay per head services really can vary depending on two things:

  1. What you get
  2. The quality of what you get

It is important for agents to know that even when they are finding great offers on the web sometimes what is advertised is not precisely what the bookie is going to receive.

And precisely because of this reason, it is quite important for bookmakers to ask for some free testing time as if the pph company is a legit one, they won’t hesitate to allow a committed bookie to try out their call center and internet solutions for a certain period of time before the agent starts paying.

This is a great sign that the bookmaker has chosen a top, qualified pph company, as the right combination of technology and human talent can certainly make the difference when it comes to fostering the prosperity of a bookie’s business by delivering the right solutions, at the right time, and for the right price under a 24-7 schedule.

If you are a bookmaker that wants to work with a company that is backed by core qualifications and years of experience, dial 1-877-774-0999 for more information.