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Bookie Pay per Head Services: Quick Tips for Increased Sales


Increasing the sales of your bookie pay per head services operation is a continuous labor, and on this article, we are offering you some quick tips that can help you improve your numbers.


Bookie Pay per Head Services: Quick Tips


Identify your Best Clients, and Offer Them More

In your bookie pay per head services business, it is likely that you have players that spend more than the rest on a regular basis.

If you know who those individuals are, then great, half of the work is done; otherwise, start searching for such people until you end up with a list of top customers, and one of regular ones.

With your list of best players at hand, the next step is to check what those clients are currently getting from your bookie pay per head services company, in order to offer them even more than they already get.

For example, you can start your own VIP program, where your best players (the big spenders) get access to special deals and promos that are not available for regular customers.

Indeed, when you offer this type of superior client attention solutions to the group of people that influences your sportsbook business the most, both your image and profits get a boost.

Use a Custom Sales Pitch for Each Customer

Each player is his own person, and each one of them should be treated accordingly. For this reason, try to avoid using a generic sales pitch for all of your clients, and instead, take your time to know as much as you can about each player and integrate something personal about the individual into the pitch, especially if it’s something that both you, the bookie pay per head services provider, and the player, have in common.

When a person can relate to you on a personal level, it will be easier to turn such individual into a conversion for your sports betting operation.

Increase Goals Related to Referrals

When it comes to referrals, you actually need to set the bar higher in order to increase sales. When you push yourself a little bit, you will find yourself doing more, and also getting more of what you want.

If, for example, your mission is 5 referrals per week, try to bump it to 7, or even 9 referrals per week.

If you are able to make the time in your schedule to meet this new goal, and then add new goals as you move on, you will find out that the sales for your bookie pay per head services operation are going to increase on a steady basis over time.

Interact with Players Personally, and More Frequently

Sometimes a phone call is not enough. Sometimes what you really need in order to create a bond with a client is to meet him, and to interact with him on a personal level as much as possible.

For example, if you have a lead on a possible client, don’t just call the person in order to try to close the deal over the phone. Instead, invite the player where he can feel like more than just a number, and then take the opportunity to apply your personalized sales pitch at the right time.