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Bookie Tips: 7 Steps to Get your Business Started


If you are considering joining the group of individuals who have ventured themselves into the world of business ownership as a small bookie sports betting entrepreneur, here we have seven simple steps that you can follow and that can really make the difference in your favor.


The 7 Steps to Start a Small Bookie Business

Step 1: Writing, Envisioning

Whenever you have that AHA! moment, don’t forget to write it down!

You never know when a simple idea can turn into a profitable source of income for your bookie price per head services business.

Envision your bookmaking company, your logo, your slogan, who your potential clients are, and where you can find them.

All it takes to get you started with the whole process is just some brainstorming time, a pen, and a pad.


Step 2 – Make it Official

Once you have taken the important decision of going solo as an independent sportsbook bookmaker, don’t be afraid to make it official!

In fact, tell as much people as you can about it in order to get things moving ASAP.

Also, go with closed ones to a nice place and take a few moments to celebrate! The more you feel the positive vibe about your business, the easier it will be for you to assimilate the challenges to come.


Step 3: Get Funds

Ok, now that you feel confident about what is the path that you want to follow, it is time to get the funds that you need in order to start your sports betting bookie business.

There are many ways to do this. If you have some funds in the bank that can get you started, then go for it. That way, you won’t have to share your future earnings with others.

On the other hand, if you are lacking the necessary funds, then you can always consider getting a partner, preferably someone that you know personally, such as a close friend, or even a family member.


Step 4: Get Branded

Getting branded means acquiring recognition from those who matter the most: the prospective customers of your pay per head bookie business.

Make sure that you keep a good reputation within the casino and sports betting communities in order to keep your name and, most importantly, your business brand, clean of any negative word of mouth, especially on the web, which is a place that can make or break a small bookie entrepreneur really fast.


Step 5: Learn To Communicate

The better you can communicate with people, the easier it will be for you to recruit clients for your price per head sportsbook business.

Learn as much as you can about interpersonal skills, memorize a good pitch, etc.

What’s most important is that you’re able to promote your bookmaking business in a casual way in order to retain a certain level of discretion while recruiting clients steadily.


Step 6: Be Perseverant

It is a fact: a new business comes with its share of the good stuff, mixed with a series of challenges.

When you find yourself facing one of this challenging moments, try to keep your mind cold and always remain resilient and perseverant.

See the not so good part of running a business as a challenge and not as a setback.

Remember: The more time and mental power you commit to your price per head bookie business, the more rewarding your profits are going to feel.


Step 7: Focus in the Long Run

When you start your bookie pay per head business, the money might not come in the large quantities that you might expect, but if you persevere, and focus in the long run, you will realize that with time, your entrepreneurial venture is going to pay up.

Bookie Tips: Valuable Advice for Running your Business


When you start a bookie pay per head services business, things might seems challenging at first.

But if you have the right mindset and work with the guidance of the following tips, which have been provided by successful small business leaders, you will certainly be on your way to attain success as a sports betting bookie entrepreneur.


Tips for Running your Bookie Business


Social Media: Be Where Players Are

When it comes to social media, you really don’t need to have a presence everywhere. Instead, you must focus on being present where your prospective clients hang out.

Make sure that you are a constant participant on your social media channels of interest, and try to create positive relationships with the right influencers and the people that you believe that can turn into players from your sportsbook bookie portfolio in the future.


Never Stop Networking

The more people you talk to about your pay per head bookie business, the easier it will be for you to see some positive outcomes in the short term.

Of course, it is important that you focus on the kind of people that can help you bring more business to your bookmaking company, and not so much on people that have no interest in sports betting at all.

Remember that word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools out there, and you, as a bookie that is also a small business owner, must count with a network of people that can help you get to where you want to be.


Use Twitter for Market Research

Many professionals from the business world agree on the fact that twitter is a great tool when it comes to doing market research.

This is because the majority of twitter feeds are public, and you have the option of checking what others are saying without them knowing that you are listening.


Mindset and Positive Thinking

Remember: What’s most important is not actually what you know, but how you deal with it.

Things might not seem as easy as you would like them to be when you start a new company, but keeping a strong mindset about your pay per head bookie business and dealing with difficulties in the best possible way, will certainly get you the kind of positive results that you are aiming for.


Handwritten Thank You Notes

In a world where everything revolves around technology, nothing says “I care” so much as a handwritten thank you note.

When you send a thank you note that you wrote yourself on paper, your clients are going to feel more valued, and that profound sentiment will encourage them to continue to place bets with your pay per head bookie company.


Offer your Expertise for Free

A great way to attain the kind of widespread recognition that can make you an ideal candidate in the eyes of prospective clients is to offer your expertise for free.

One way of doing this is to create your own YouTube channel, where you can offer weekly predictions of upcoming games.

By doing so, you will acquire a following, and those people will at the same time recommend your channel to other bettors whom might be interested in signing up with your pay per head bookie company.


Reach Out To Mentors

Just as you can give advice, you can also take it from those who know more than you.

There are many sports betting experts out there that have been part of the industry for decades, and asking them for advice on how to run your pay per head bookie business is certainly not a bad idea at all.

Although some of these individuals have an old school mentality towards gambling, they can still provide you with valuable insights that can guide you in the right direction, allowing you to incorporate their ideas to your own personal business plan.

Bookie Sports Betting: Managing your Small Staff


As a bookie who is using pay per head services to run your sports betting operation, you can be sure that most of the areas of your business are covered, though not all of them.

You will still need to work with a small team of collaborators that can help you deal with a series of things, such as accounting, or handling your marketing, for example.

Bookie Tips: Staff Management

Here is some advice about how to manage your small staff properly.


Hiring Smart

Before all, you need to make sure that you hire the right kind of people that are independent and don’t require to be given directions all the time.

In fact, before you hire someone for good, ask the person to complete a small project related to your bookie sportsbook operation.

If he or she is able to accomplish the project with little or no assistance from your part, then that means that such person is fit for your business.

Remember, the finished product doesn’t matter as much as their willingness to do things independently.



A small team means that everything should be neatly organized, and not otherwise.

Get the people that are working for your bookie sports betting business to document everything they do and to send you weekly reports about their work.

That way, you are well informed about what is being done and about what it needs to be done.

Also, try not to cancel meetings with your employees. This is because every time that you decide to delay staff meetings, there is a good chance that your team can get off track.



An employee of your bookie sports betting operation that is worn out by excessive work is one that is not going to be as productive as he can be.

This is because when a person is tired, his mind is more focus on being tired, on not so much on doing his or her work the right way.

This is one of the main reasons why many successful entrepreneurs allow their staff members to rest as much as they need so when they have to do some actual work, they are going to accomplish it as best as they can.

If you have an employee that prefers to get paid for his vacation time instead of actually taking the time off, try to avoid this at all costs.

This is because such person is just trying to make some extra money, but his or her value as an employee will undoubtedly diminish if he or she is not well rested.



As the head of your bookie sports betting operation, you need to make sure that your staff works based on priorities.

This is because your small team of employees is not going to be able to perform as a larger team can. In fact, try to avoid getting caught up in the need of acting like a large business. Instead, always be aware of the fact that your team is fairly small, and work with what you have at hand.

This means that you should figure out what are the tasks that will have the biggest impact related to the results that you wish to achieve.

If your goals as a bookmaker are clear, you will be able to accomplish them faster and by doing less.

And you will also be able to provide the right directions to your staff so they can be on the path you need them to be.


In sum, if you are able to hire the right people, make sure everything stays organized, allow your team to get sufficient resting time and prioritize tasks, you are definitely on the right track.